astosp.h File Reference

#include <asterisk/channel.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <time.h>

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Data Structures

struct  ast_osp_result


int ast_osp_lookup (struct ast_channel *chan, char *provider, char *extension, char *callerid, struct ast_osp_result *result)
int ast_osp_next (struct ast_osp_result *result, int cause)
int ast_osp_terminate (int handle, int cause, time_t start, time_t duration)
int ast_osp_validate (char *provider, char *token, int *handle, unsigned int *timeout, char *callerid, struct in_addr addr, char *extension)

Function Documentation

int ast_osp_lookup ( struct ast_channel chan,
char *  provider,
char *  extension,
char *  callerid,
struct ast_osp_result result 

int ast_osp_next ( struct ast_osp_result result,
int  cause 

int ast_osp_terminate ( int  handle,
int  cause,
time_t  start,
time_t  duration 

int ast_osp_validate ( char *  provider,
char *  token,
int *  handle,
unsigned int *  timeout,
char *  callerid,
struct in_addr  addr,
char *  extension 

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