File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
acl.c [code]
acl.h [code]
adsi.h [code]
aes.h [code]
aescrypt.c [code]
aeskey.c [code]
aesopt.h [code]
aestab.c [code]
agi.h [code]
alaw.c [code]
alaw.h [code]
app.c [code]
app.h [code]
ast_expr.h [code]
astconf.h [code]
astdb.h [code]
asterisk.c [code]
asterisk.h [code]
astmm.c [code]
astmm.h [code]
astosp.h [code]
autoservice.c [code]
callerid.c [code]
callerid.h [code]
causes.h [code]
cdr.c [code]
cdr.h [code]
channel.c [code]
channel.h [code]
channel_pvt.h [code]
chanvars.c [code]
chanvars.h [code]
cli.c [code]
cli.h [code]
coef_in.h [code]
coef_out.h [code]
config.c [code]
config.h [code]
config_pvt.h [code]
crypto.h [code]
cvsid.h [code]
db.c [code]
dlfcn-compat.h [code]
dlfcn.c [code]
dns.c [code]
dns.h [code]
dsp.c [code]
dsp.h [code]
ecdisa.h [code]
endian.h [code]
enum.c [code]
enum.h [code]
features.h [code]
file.c [code]
file.h [code]
frame.c [code]
frame.h [code]
fskmodem.c [code]
fskmodem.h [code]
image.c [code]
image.h [code]
indications.c [code]
indications.h [code]
io.c [code]
io.h [code]
linkedlists.h [code]
loader.c [code]
localtime.h [code]
lock.h [code]
logger.c [code]
logger.h [code]
manager.c [code]
manager.h [code]
md5.c [code]
md5.h [code]
module.h [code]
monitor.h [code]
musiconhold.h [code]
muted.c [code]
options.h [code]
pbx.c [code]
pbx.h [code]
poll-compat.h [code]
poll.c [code]
privacy.c [code]
privacy.h [code]
res_odbc.h [code]
rtp.c [code]
rtp.h [code]
say.c [code]
say.h [code]
sched.c [code]
sched.h [code]
srv.c [code]
srv.h [code]
tdd.c [code]
tdd.h [code]
term.c [code]
term.h [code]
translate.c [code]
translate.h [code]
ulaw.c [code]
ulaw.h [code]
utils.c [code]
utils.h [code]
vmodem.h [code]

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