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int ast_tzsetwall (void)
void ast_tzset (const char *name)
struct tm * ast_localtime (const time_t *timep, struct tm *p_tm, const char *zone)
time_t ast_mktime (struct tm *const tmp, const char *zone)
char * ast_ctime (const time_t *const timep)
char * ast_ctime_r (const time_t *const timep, char *buf)

Function Documentation

char* ast_ctime ( const time_t *const   timep  ) 

char* ast_ctime_r ( const time_t *const   timep,
char *  buf 

struct tm* ast_localtime ( const time_t *  timep,
struct tm *  p_tm,
const char *  zone 
) [read]

time_t ast_mktime ( struct tm *const   tmp,
const char *  zone 

void ast_tzset ( const char *  name  ) 

int ast_tzsetwall ( void   ) 

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