ast_cli_entry Struct Reference

A command line entry */. More...

#include <cli.h>

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Data Fields

char * cmda [AST_MAX_CMD_LEN]
int(* handler )(int fd, int argc, char *argv[])
char * summary
char * usage
char *(* generator )(char *line, char *word, int pos, int state)
struct ast_cli_entrynext
int inuse

Detailed Description

A command line entry */.

Definition at line 37 of file cli.h.

Field Documentation

char* cmda[AST_MAX_CMD_LEN]

Null terminated list of the words of the command

Definition at line 39 of file cli.h.

int(* handler)(int fd, int argc, char *argv[])

Handler for the command (fd for output, # of arguments, argument list). Returns RESULT_SHOWUSAGE for improper arguments

char* summary

Summary of the command (< 60 characters)

Definition at line 43 of file cli.h.

char* usage

Detailed usage information

Definition at line 45 of file cli.h.

char*(* generator)(char *line, char *word, int pos, int state)

Generate a list of possible completions for a given word

struct ast_cli_entry* next [read]

For linking

Definition at line 49 of file cli.h.

int inuse

For keeping track of usage

Definition at line 51 of file cli.h.

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