ast_imager Struct Reference

structure associated with registering an image format More...

#include <image.h>

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Data Fields

char * name
char * desc
char * exts
int format
struct ast_frame *(* read_image )(int fd, int len)
int(* identify )(int fd)
int(* write_image )(int fd, struct ast_frame *frame)
struct ast_imagernext

Detailed Description

structure associated with registering an image format

Definition at line 18 of file image.h.

Field Documentation

char* name


Definition at line 20 of file image.h.

char* desc


Definition at line 22 of file image.h.

char* exts

Extension(s) (separated by '|' )

Definition at line 24 of file image.h.

int format

Image format

Definition at line 26 of file image.h.

struct ast_frame*(* read_image)(int fd, int len) [read]

Read an image from a file descriptor

int(* identify)(int fd)

Identify if this is that type of file

int(* write_image)(int fd, struct ast_frame *frame)

Returns length written

struct ast_imager* next [read]

For linked list

Definition at line 34 of file image.h.

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