ast_modem_pvt Struct Reference

Private data that needs to be filled by modem driver. More...

#include <vmodem.h>

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Data Fields

int fd
FILE * f
struct ast_channelowner
char dev [256]
struct ast_frame fr
char obuf [MODEM_MAX_BUF]
int tail
char dialtype
char dialtimeout
int obuflen
int mode
int ministate
int stripmsd
int escape
int gotclid
int ringt
time_t lastring
char dtmfrx
char context [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
char incomingmsn [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
char outgoingmsn [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
unsigned int group
int dtmfmode
int dtmfmodegen
struct ast_dspdsp
char initstr [AST_MAX_INIT_STR]
char language [MAX_LANGUAGE]
char response [256]
struct ast_modem_drivermc
struct ast_modem_pvtnext

Detailed Description

Private data that needs to be filled by modem driver.

Definition at line 71 of file vmodem.h.

Field Documentation

int fd

Raw file descriptor for this device

Definition at line 73 of file vmodem.h.


FILE * representation of device

Definition at line 75 of file vmodem.h.

struct ast_channel* owner [read]

Channel we belong to, possibly NULL

Definition at line 77 of file vmodem.h.

char dev[256]

Definition at line 79 of file vmodem.h.

struct ast_frame fr [read]


Definition at line 81 of file vmodem.h.


Definition at line 83 of file vmodem.h.

char obuf[MODEM_MAX_BUF]

Outgoing buffer

Definition at line 85 of file vmodem.h.

int tail

Definition at line 87 of file vmodem.h.

char dialtype

Pulse or tone dialling

Definition at line 89 of file vmodem.h.

Time to wait for dial timeout

Definition at line 91 of file vmodem.h.

int obuflen

Definition at line 93 of file vmodem.h.

int mode

Immediate, or wait for an answer

Definition at line 95 of file vmodem.h.

int ministate

State of modem in miniature

Definition at line 97 of file vmodem.h.

int stripmsd

Digits to strip on outgoing numbers

Definition at line 99 of file vmodem.h.

int escape

Is the last thing we saw an escape

Definition at line 101 of file vmodem.h.

int gotclid

flag to say if has caller*id yet

Definition at line 103 of file vmodem.h.

int ringt

ringer timeout

Definition at line 105 of file vmodem.h.

time_t lastring

actual time of last ring

Definition at line 107 of file vmodem.h.

char dtmfrx

dtmf receive state/data

Definition at line 109 of file vmodem.h.

char context[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

Definition at line 111 of file vmodem.h.


Multiple Subscriber Number

Definition at line 113 of file vmodem.h.

char incomingmsn[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

Multiple Subscriber Number we listen to (; separated list)

Definition at line 115 of file vmodem.h.

char outgoingmsn[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

Multiple Subscriber Number we accept for outgoing calls (; separated list)

Definition at line 117 of file vmodem.h.

unsigned int group

Group(s) we belong to if available

Definition at line 119 of file vmodem.h.


Caller ID if available

Definition at line 121 of file vmodem.h.

int dtmfmode

DTMF-detection mode (i4l/asterisk)

Definition at line 123 of file vmodem.h.

DTMF-generation mode (i4l (outband) / asterisk (inband)

Definition at line 125 of file vmodem.h.

struct ast_dsp* dsp [read]

DSP for DTMF detection

Definition at line 127 of file vmodem.h.


Dialed Number if available

Definition at line 129 of file vmodem.h.

char initstr[AST_MAX_INIT_STR]

Modem initialization String

Definition at line 131 of file vmodem.h.

char language[MAX_LANGUAGE]

default language

Definition at line 133 of file vmodem.h.

char response[256]

Static response buffer

Definition at line 135 of file vmodem.h.

struct ast_modem_driver* mc [read]

Modem Capability

Definition at line 137 of file vmodem.h.

struct ast_modem_pvt* next [read]

Next channel in list

Definition at line 139 of file vmodem.h.

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