ast_translator Struct Reference

data structure associated with a translator More...

#include <translate.h>

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Data Fields

char name [80]
int srcfmt
int dstfmt
struct ast_translator_pvt *(* newpvt )(void)
int(* framein )(struct ast_translator_pvt *pvt, struct ast_frame *in)
struct ast_frame *(* frameout )(struct ast_translator_pvt *pvt)
void(* destroy )(struct ast_translator_pvt *pvt)
struct ast_frame *(* sample )(void)
int cost
struct ast_translatornext

Detailed Description

data structure associated with a translator

Definition at line 29 of file translate.h.

Field Documentation

char name[80]

Name of translator

Definition at line 31 of file translate.h.

int srcfmt

Source format

Definition at line 33 of file translate.h.

int dstfmt

Destination format

Definition at line 35 of file translate.h.

struct ast_translator_pvt*(* newpvt)(void) [read]

Private data associated with the translator

int(* framein)(struct ast_translator_pvt *pvt, struct ast_frame *in)

Input frame callback

struct ast_frame*(* frameout)(struct ast_translator_pvt *pvt) [read]

Output frame callback

void(* destroy)(struct ast_translator_pvt *pvt)

Destroy translator callback

struct ast_frame*(* sample)(void) [read]

Generate an example frame

int cost

Cost in milliseconds for encoding/decoding 1 second of sound

Definition at line 48 of file translate.h.

struct ast_translator* next [read]

For linking, not to be modified by the translator

Definition at line 50 of file translate.h.

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