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CDR configuration

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    ; Asterisk Call Detail Record engine configuration
    ; CDR is Call Detail Record, which provides logging services via a variety of
    ; pluggable backend modules.  Detailed call information can be recorded to
    ; databases, files, etc.  Useful for billing, fraud prevention, compliance with
    ; Sarbanes-Oxley aka The Enron Act, QOS evaluations, and more.
    ; Define whether or not to use CDR logging.  Setting this to "no" will override
    ; any loading of backend CDR modules.  Default is "yes".
    ; Define the CDR batch mode, where instead of posting the CDR at the end of
    ; every call, the data will be stored in a buffer to help alleviate load on the
    ; asterisk server.  Default is "no".
    ; Use of batch mode may result in data loss after unsafe asterisk termination
    ; ie. software crash, power failure, kill -9, etc.
    ; Define the maximum number of CDRs to accumulate in the buffer before posting
    ; them to the backend engines.  'batch' must be set to 'yes'.  Default is 100.
    ; Define the maximum time to accumulate CDRs in the buffer before posting them
    ; to the backend engines.  If this time limit is reached, then it will post the
    ; records, regardless of the value defined for 'size'.  'batch' must be set to
    ; 'yes'.  Note that time is in seconds.  Default is 300 (5 minutes).
    ; The CDR engine uses the internal asterisk scheduler to determine when to post
    ; records.  Posting can either occur inside the scheduler thread, or a new
    ; thread can be spawned for the submission of every batch.  For small batches,
    ; it might be acceptable to just use the scheduler thread, so set this to "yes".
    ; For large batches, say anything over size=10, a new thread is recommended, so
    ; set this to "no".  Default is "no".
    ; When shutting down asterisk, you can block until the CDRs are submitted.  If
    ; you don't, then data will likely be lost.  You can always check the size of
    ; the CDR batch buffer with the CLI "cdr status" command.  To enable blocking on
    ; submission of CDR data during asterisk shutdown, set this to "yes".  Default
    ; is "yes".

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