Wed Oct 28 15:49:24 2009

Asterisk developer's documentation

H.323 channel driver information

This is the configuration of the H.323 channel driver within the Asterisk distribution. There's another one, called OH323, in asterisk-addons


The Asterisk PBX supports H.323 via two totally separate 
channel drivers.

You can find more information Asterisk's native H.323 
support in /path/to/asterisk/channels/h323/README or 
you can download a third party driver at

Asterisk's native H.323 is supported and maintained by
Jeremy McNamara (JerJer in irc). Support for the third 
party H.323 driver is supplied by inAccessNetworks. 

If you have trouble with either driver you should direct
your debug and comments to the appropriate party, making
sure to be specific in exactly which H.323 driver you are

Please, read all supplied documentation before contacting 
either party for support. Many issues can be quickly
resolved by simply following the instructions that are 

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