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apps Directory Reference



file  app_adsiprog.c [code]
 Program Asterisk ADSI Scripts into phone.
file  app_alarmreceiver.c [code]
 Central Station Alarm receiver for Ademco Contact ID.
file  app_authenticate.c [code]
 Execute arbitrary authenticate commands.
file  app_cdr.c [code]
 Applications connected with CDR engine.
file  app_chanisavail.c [code]
 Check if Channel is Available.
file  app_chanspy.c [code]
 ChanSpy: Listen in on any channel.
file  app_controlplayback.c [code]
 Trivial application to control playback of a sound file.
file  app_curl.c [code]
 Curl - App to load a URL.
file  app_cut.c [code]
 Cut application.
file  app_datetime.c [code]
 Time of day - Report the time of day.
file  app_db.c [code]
 Database access functions.
file  app_dial.c [code]
 dial() & retrydial() - Trivial application to dial a channel and send an URL on answer
file  app_dictate.c [code]
 Virtual Dictation Machine Application For Asterisk.
file  app_directed_pickup.c [code]
 Directed Call Pickup Support.
file  app_directory.c [code]
 Provide a directory of extensions.
file  app_disa.c [code]
 DISA -- Direct Inward System Access Application.
file  app_dumpchan.c [code]
 Application to dump channel variables.
file  app_echo.c [code]
 Echo application -- play back what you hear to evaluate latency.
file  app_enumlookup.c [code]
 Enumlookup - lookup entry in ENUM.
file  app_eval.c [code]
 Eval application.
file  app_exec.c [code]
 Exec application.
file  app_externalivr.c [code]
 External IVR application interface.
file  app_festival.c [code]
 Connect to festival.
file  app_flash.c [code]
 App to flash a zap trunk.
file  app_forkcdr.c [code]
 Fork CDR application.
file  app_getcpeid.c [code]
file  app_groupcount.c [code]
 Group Manipulation Applications.
file  app_hasnewvoicemail.c [code]
 HasVoicemail application.
file  app_ices.c [code]
 Stream to an icecast server via ICES (see contrib/asterisk-ices.xml).
file  app_image.c [code]
 App to transmit an image.
file  app_intercom.c [code]
 Use /dev/dsp as an intercom.
file  app_ivrdemo.c [code]
 IVR Demo application.
file  app_lookupblacklist.c [code]
 App to lookup the callerid number, and see if it is blacklisted.
file  app_lookupcidname.c [code]
 App to set callerid name from database, based on directory number.
file  app_macro.c [code]
 Dial plan macro Implementation.
file  app_math.c [code]
 A simple math application.
file  app_md5.c [code]
 MD5 checksum application.
file  app_meetme.c [code]
 Meet me conference bridge.
file  app_milliwatt.c [code]
 Digital Milliwatt Test.
file  app_mixmonitor.c [code]
 MixMonitor() - Record a call and mix the audio during the recording.
file  app_mp3.c [code]
 Silly application to play an MP3 file -- uses mpg123.
file  app_nbscat.c [code]
 Silly application to play an NBScat file -- uses nbscat8k.
file  app_osplookup.c [code]
 Open Settlement Protocol Lookup.
file  app_page.c [code]
 page() - Paging application
file  app_parkandannounce.c [code]
 ParkAndAnnounce application for Asterisk.
file  app_playback.c [code]
 Trivial application to playback a sound file.
file  app_privacy.c [code]
 Block all calls without Caller*ID, require phone # to be entered.
file  app_queue.c [code]
 True call queues with optional send URL on answer.
file  app_random.c [code]
 Random application.
file  app_read.c [code]
 Trivial application to read a variable.
file  app_readfile.c [code]
 ReadFile application -- Reads in a File for you.
file  app_realtime.c [code]
 RealTime App.
file  app_record.c [code]
 Trivial application to record a sound file.
file  app_rpt.c [code]
file  app_sayunixtime.c [code]
 SayUnixTime application.
file  app_senddtmf.c [code]
 App to send DTMF digits.
file  app_sendtext.c [code]
 App to transmit a text message.
file  app_setcallerid.c [code]
 App to set callerid.
file  app_setcdruserfield.c [code]
 Applictions connected with CDR engine.
file  app_setcidname.c [code]
 App to set callerid.
file  app_setcidnum.c [code]
 App to set callerid number.
file  app_setrdnis.c [code]
 App to set rdnis.
file  app_settransfercapability.c [code]
 App to set the ISDN Transfer Capability.
file  app_skel.c [code]
 Skeleton application.
file  app_sms.c [code]
 SMS application - ETSI ES 201 912 protocol 1 implimentation.
file  app_softhangup.c [code]
 SoftHangup application.
file  app_sql_postgres.c [code]
 Connect to PostgreSQL.
file  app_stack.c [code]
 Stack applications Gosub, Return, etc.
file  app_system.c [code]
 Execute arbitrary system commands.
file  app_talkdetect.c [code]
 Playback a file with audio detect.
file  app_test.c [code]
 Applications to test connection and produce report in text file.
file  app_transfer.c [code]
 Transfer a caller.
file  app_txtcidname.c [code]
 Caller*id name lookup - Look up the caller's name via DNS.
file  app_url.c [code]
 App to transmit a URL.
file  app_userevent.c [code]
 UserEvent application -- send manager event.
file  app_verbose.c [code]
 Verbose logging application.
file  app_voicemail.c [code]
 Comedian Mail - Voicemail System.
file  app_waitforring.c [code]
 Wait for Ring Application.
file  app_waitforsilence.c [code]
 Wait for Silence
  • Waits for up to 'x' milliseconds of silence, 'y' times
  • WaitForSilence(500,2) will wait for 1/2 second of silence, twice
  • WaitForSilence(1000,1) will wait for 1 second of silence, once

file  app_while.c [code]
 While Loop and ExecIf Implementations.
file  app_zapateller.c [code]
 Playback the special information tone to get rid of telemarketers.
file  app_zapbarge.c [code]
 Zap Barge support.
file  app_zapras.c [code]
 Execute an ISDN RAS.
file  app_zapscan.c [code]
 Zap Scanner.
file  enter.h [code]
file  leave.h [code]

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