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Asterisk developer's documentation

channels Directory Reference



file  adtranvofr.h [code]
file  answer.h [code]
 Signed 16-bit audio data.
file  chan_agent.c [code]
 Implementation of Agents (proxy channel).
file  chan_alsa.c [code]
 ALSA sound card channel driver.
file  chan_features.c [code]
 feature Proxy Channel
file  chan_h323.c [code]
 This file is part of the chan_h323 driver for Asterisk.
file  chan_iax2.c [code]
 Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange Version 2.
file  chan_local.c [code]
 Local Proxy Channel.
file  chan_mgcp.c [code]
 Implementation of Media Gateway Control Protocol.
file  chan_misdn.c [code]
 the chan_misdn channel driver for Asterisk
file  chan_modem.c [code]
 A/Open ITU-56/2 Voice Modem Driver (Rockwell, IS-101, and others).
file  chan_modem_aopen.c [code]
file  chan_modem_bestdata.c [code]
file  chan_modem_i4l.c [code]
 ISDN4Linux TTY Driver.
file  chan_nbs.c [code]
 Network broadcast sound support channel driver.
file  chan_oss.c [code]
 Channel driver for OSS sound cards.
file  chan_oss_old.c [code]
file  chan_phone.c [code]
 Generic Linux Telephony Interface driver.
file  chan_sip.c [code]
 Implementation of Session Initiation Protocol.
file  chan_skinny.c [code]
 Implementation of the Skinny protocol.
file  chan_vpb.c [code]
 VoiceTronix Interface driver.
file  chan_zap.c [code]
 Zaptel Pseudo TDM interface.
file  DialTone.h [code]
file  gentone-ulaw.c [code]
file  gentone.c [code]
file  iax2-parser.c [code]
 Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol, v 2.
file  iax2-parser.h [code]
 Implementation of the IAX2 protocol.
file  iax2-provision.c [code]
 IAX Provisioning Protocol.
file  iax2-provision.h [code]
 IAX2 Provisioning protocol.
file  iax2.h [code]
file  misdn_config.c [code]
 chan_misdn configuration management
file  ring10.h [code]
 Signed 16-bit audio data.

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