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Channel states

Bits 0-15 of state are reserved for the state (up/down) of the line. More...


#define AST_STATE_BUSY   7
#define AST_STATE_DOWN   0
#define AST_STATE_MUTE   (1 << 16)
#define AST_STATE_RING   4
#define AST_STATE_UP   6

Detailed Description

Bits 0-15 of state are reserved for the state (up/down) of the line.

Define Documentation

#define AST_STATE_BUSY   7


Digits (or equivalent) have been dialed

Definition at line 519 of file channel.h.

Referenced by agent_call(), ast_state2str(), misdn_call(), modem_call(), zt_call(), zt_digit(), and zt_handle_event().


Digits (or equivalent) have been dialed while offhook

Definition at line 529 of file channel.h.

Referenced by zt_handle_event().

#define AST_STATE_DOWN   0

#define AST_STATE_MUTE   (1 << 16)

Do not transmit voice data

Definition at line 535 of file channel.h.


Channel is off hook

Definition at line 517 of file channel.h.

Referenced by ast_state2str().


Channel has detected an incoming call and is waiting for ring

Definition at line 531 of file channel.h.

Referenced by handle_init_event(), ss_thread(), and zt_handle_event().


#define AST_STATE_RING   4


#define AST_STATE_UP   6

Line is up

Definition at line 525 of file channel.h.

Referenced by __ast_request_and_dial(), __login_exec(), __zt_exception(), agent_call(), agent_hangup(), agent_read(), agi_exec_full(), alarmreceiver_exec(), alsa_answer(), alsa_read(), aopen_handle_escape(), app_exec(), ast_answer(), ast_cdr_init(), ast_control_streamfile(), ast_feature_request_and_dial(), ast_pbx_outgoing_app(), ast_pbx_outgoing_exten(), ast_prod(), ast_quiet_chan(), ast_read(), ast_state2str(), async_wait(), auth_exec(), available(), background_detect_exec(), bestdata_handle_escape(), bestdata_write(), builtin_atxfer(), check_availability(), check_goto_on_transfer(), conf_exec(), connection_made(), count_exec(), datetime_exec(), dial_exec_full(), directory_exec(), disa_exec(), do_chanreads(), do_monitor(), handle_answer(), handle_message(), handle_request(), handle_request_invite(), handle_response_invite(), i4l_handle_escape(), ices_exec(), mgcp_answer(), milliwatt_exec(), modem_answer(), modem_call(), modem_write(), monitor_handle_notowned(), monitor_handle_owned(), nbs_xwrite(), oh323_answer(), oh323_hangup(), oh323_indicate(), oss_answer(), oss_read(), park_call_exec(), park_exec(), parkandannounce_exec(), pbx_builtin_answer(), pbx_builtin_background(), pbx_builtin_busy(), pbx_builtin_congestion(), phone_answer(), phone_exception(), phone_write(), playback_exec(), privacy_exec(), read_exec(), record_exec(), rpt(), rpt_exec(), sayunixtime_exec(), send_waveform_to_channel(), sip_answer(), sip_hangup(), sip_indicate(), sip_write(), skel_exec(), skinny_answer(), skinny_indicate(), sms_exec(), testclient_exec(), testserver_exec(), try_calling(), vm_exec(), vm_execmain(), vpb_answer(), vpb_indicate(), vpb_new(), vpb_write(), wait_for_answer(), zapateller_exec(), zapras_exec(), zt_answer(), zt_call(), zt_handle_event(), zt_hangup(), zt_indicate(), and zt_read().

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