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Asterisk developer's documentation

Asterisk -- An Open Source Telephony Toolkit


Developer Documentation for Asterisk
This is the main developer documentation for Asterisk. It is generated by running "make progdocs".
Additional documentation

Copyright and author

Copyright (C) 1999 - 2005, Digium, Inc. Asterisk is a trade mark registered by Digium, Inc.

Mark Spencer <> Also see CREDITS


See for more information about the Asterisk project. Please do not directly contact any of the maintainers of this project for assistance; the project provides a web site, mailing lists and IRC channels for your use.

This program is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2. See the LICENSE file at the top of the source tree.

Asterisk is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2
and is also available under alternative licenses negotiated directly
with Digium, Inc. If you obtained Asterisk under the GPL, then the GPL
applies to all loadable Asterisk modules used on your system as well,
except as defined below. The GPL (version 2) is included in this
source tree in the file COPYING.

This package also includes various components that are not part of
Asterisk itself; these components are in the 'contrib' directory
and its subdirectories. Most of these components are also
distributed under the GPL version 2 as well, except for the following:

	This file is Copyright (C) Digium, Inc. and is licensed for
	use with Digium IAXy hardware devices only. It can be
	distributed freely as long as the distribution is in the
	original form present in this package (not reformatted or

Digium, Inc. (formerly Linux Support Services) holds copyright
and/or sufficient licenses to all components of the Asterisk
package, and therefore can grant, at its sole discretion, the ability
for companies, individuals, or organizations to create proprietary or
Open Source (even if not GPL) modules which may be dynamically linked at
runtime with the portions of Asterisk which fall under our
copyright/license umbrella, or are distributed under more flexible
licenses than GPL.

If you wish to use our code in other GPL programs, don't worry --
there is no requirement that you provide the same exception in your
GPL'd products (although if you've written a module for Asterisk we
would strongly encourage you to make the same exception that we do).

Specific permission is also granted to link Asterisk with OpenSSL and
OpenH323 and distribute the resulting binary files.

In addition, Asterisk implements two management/control protocols: the
Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) and the Asterisk Gateway Interface
(AGI). It is our belief that applications using these protocols to
manage or control an Asterisk instance do not have to be licensed
under the GPL or a compatible license, as we believe these protocols
do not create a 'derivative work' as referred to in the GPL. However,
should any court or other judiciary body find that these protocols do
fall under the terms of the GPL, then we hereby grant you a license to
use these protocols in combination with Asterisk in external
applications licensed under any license you wish.

The 'Asterisk' name and logos are trademarks owned by Digium, Inc.,
and use of them is subject to our trademark licensing policies. If you
wish to use these trademarks for purposes other than simple
redistribution of Asterisk source code obtained from Digium, you
should contact our licensing department to determine the necessary
steps you must take.

If you have any questions regarding our licensing policy, please
contact us:

+1.877.546.8963 (via telephone in the USA)
+1.256.428.6000 (via telephone outside the USA)
+1.256.864.0464 (via FAX inside or outside the USA)
IAX2/ (via IAX2) (via email)

Digium, Inc.
150 West Park Loop
Suite 100
Huntsville, AL  35806

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