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ast_modem_driver Struct Reference

#include <vmodem.h>

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Data Fields

int(* answer )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
void(* decusecnt )(void)
int(* dial )(struct ast_modem_pvt *, char *)
int(* dialdigit )(struct ast_modem_pvt *, char digit)
int formats
int fullduplex
int(* hangup )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
char *(* identify )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
char ** idents
void(* incusecnt )(void)
int(* init )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
char * name
struct ast_modem_drivernext
struct ast_frame *(* read )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
int(* setdev )(struct ast_modem_pvt *, int dev)
int(* setsilence )(struct ast_modem_pvt *, int onoff)
int(* startpb )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
int(* startrec )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
int(* stoppb )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
int(* stoprec )(struct ast_modem_pvt *)
int(* write )(struct ast_modem_pvt *, struct ast_frame *fr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file vmodem.h.

Field Documentation

int(* answer)(struct ast_modem_pvt *)

Referenced by modem_answer().

void(* decusecnt)(void)

Referenced by modem_setup().

int(* dial)(struct ast_modem_pvt *, char *)

Referenced by modem_call().

int(* dialdigit)(struct ast_modem_pvt *, char digit)

Referenced by modem_digit().

int formats

Definition at line 53 of file vmodem.h.

Referenced by ast_modem_new(), and modem_request().

Definition at line 54 of file vmodem.h.

int(* hangup)(struct ast_modem_pvt *)

Referenced by modem_hangup().

char*(* identify)(struct ast_modem_pvt *)

Referenced by modem_setup().

char** idents

Definition at line 52 of file vmodem.h.

Referenced by find_capability().

void(* incusecnt)(void)

Referenced by find_capability(), and find_driver().

int(* init)(struct ast_modem_pvt *)

Referenced by modem_hangup(), and modem_setup().

char* name

Definition at line 51 of file vmodem.h.

Referenced by ast_modem_new(), find_driver(), and modem_setup().

struct ast_modem_driver* next [read]

struct ast_frame*(* read)(struct ast_modem_pvt *) [read]

Referenced by modem_mini_packet(), and modem_read().

int(* setdev)(struct ast_modem_pvt *, int dev)

Referenced by modem_call().

int(* setsilence)(struct ast_modem_pvt *, int onoff)

int(* startpb)(struct ast_modem_pvt *)

int(* startrec)(struct ast_modem_pvt *)

int(* stoppb)(struct ast_modem_pvt *)

int(* stoprec)(struct ast_modem_pvt *)

int(* write)(struct ast_modem_pvt *, struct ast_frame *fr)

Referenced by modem_write().

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