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iax2_registry Struct Reference

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Data Fields

struct sockaddr_in addr
int callno
int expire
int messages
struct iax2_registrynext
char random [80]
int refresh
enum iax_reg_state regstate
char secret [80]
struct sockaddr_in us
char username [80]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 422 of file chan_iax2.c.

Field Documentation

struct sockaddr_in addr [read]

Who we connect to for registration purposes

Definition at line 423 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by iax2_ack_registry(), iax2_do_register(), iax2_register(), iax2_show_channels(), iax2_show_registry(), and registry_rerequest().

int callno

Associated call number if applicable

Definition at line 431 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by delete_users(), iax2_do_register(), iax2_register(), iax2_show_channels(), iax2_write(), and pvt_destructor().

int expire

Sched ID of expiration

Definition at line 427 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by delete_users(), iax2_ack_registry(), iax2_do_register(), iax2_do_register_s(), and iax2_register().

int messages

Message count

Definition at line 430 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by iax2_ack_registry().

struct iax2_registry* next [read]

Definition at line 433 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by delete_users(), iax2_register(), iax2_show_registry(), and load_module().

char random[80]

Definition at line 426 of file chan_iax2.c.

int refresh

char secret[80]

Password or key name in []'s

Definition at line 425 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by iax2_register(), and registry_rerequest().

struct sockaddr_in us [read]

Who the server thinks we are

Definition at line 432 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by attempt_transmit(), iax2_ack_registry(), and iax2_show_registry().

char username[80]

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