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time.h File Reference

Time-related functions and macros. More...

#include <sys/time.h>
#include "asterisk/inline_api.h"

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 AST_INLINE_API (struct timeval ast_tv(ast_time_t sec, ast_suseconds_t usec),{struct timeval t;t.tv_sec=sec;t.tv_usec=usec;return t;}) AST_INLINE_API(struct timeval ast_samp2tv(unsigned int _nsamp
 Returns a timeval from sec, usec.
 AST_INLINE_API (int ast_tvdiff_ms(struct timeval end, struct timeval start),{return((end.tv_sec-start.tv_sec)*1000)+(((1000000+end.tv_usec-start.tv_usec)/1000)-1000);}) AST_INLINE_API(int ast_tvzero(const struct timeval t)
 Computes the difference (in milliseconds) between two struct timeval instances.
struct timeval ast_tvsub (struct timeval a, struct timeval b)
 Returns the difference of two timevals a - b.
typedef typeof (tv.tv_sec) ast_time_t


unsigned int _rate
struct timeval tv

Detailed Description

Time-related functions and macros.

Definition in file time.h.

Function Documentation

AST_INLINE_API ( struct timeval   ast_tvast_time_t sec, ast_suseconds_t usec  ) 

Returns a timeval from sec, usec.

Returns a timeval corresponding to the duration of n samples at rate r. Useful to convert samples to timevals, or even milliseconds to timevals in the form ast_samp2tv(milliseconds, 1000)

AST_INLINE_API ( int   ast_tvdiff_msstruct timeval end, struct timeval start  )  const

Computes the difference (in milliseconds) between two struct timeval instances.

end the beginning of the time period
start the end of the time period
the difference in milliseconds
Returns true if the argument is 0,0

struct timeval ast_tvsub ( struct timeval  a,
struct timeval  b 
) [read]

Returns the difference of two timevals a - b.

Definition at line 654 of file utils.c.

References ONE_MILLION, and tvfix().

Referenced by ast_channel_bridge(), ast_sched_dump(), ast_translate(), calc_rxstamp(), and calc_timestamp().

00655 {
00656    /* consistency checks to guarantee usec in 0..999999 */
00657    a = tvfix(a);
00658    b = tvfix(b);
00659    a.tv_sec -= b.tv_sec;
00660    a.tv_usec -= b.tv_usec;
00661    if (a.tv_usec < 0) {
00662       a.tv_sec-- ;
00663       a.tv_usec += ONE_MILLION;
00664    }
00665    return a;
00666 }

typedef typeof ( tv.  tv_sec  ) 

Variable Documentation

unsigned int _rate

Definition at line 137 of file time.h.

struct timeval tv

Referenced by iax2_bridge().

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