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Todo List

Class ao2_container
Linking and unlink objects is typically expensive, as it involves a malloc() of a small object which is very inefficient. To optimize this, we allocate larger arrays of bucket_list's when we run out of them, and then manage our own freelist. This will be more efficient as we can do the freelist management while we hold the lock (that we need anyways).

Class bucket_list
this should be private to the container code

File app_md5.c
Remove this deprecated application in 1.3dev

File chan_sip.c
SIP over TCP

File chan_sip.c
SIP over TLS

File chan_sip.c
Better support of forking

Global ast_frfree
Important: I should be made more efficient. Frame headers should most definitely be cached

File fskmodem.h
Translate Emiliano Zapata's spanish comments to english, please.

Global pbx_builtin_atimeout
Remove in 1.3 dev

Global pbx_builtin_dtimeout
Remove in 1.3 dev

Global pbx_builtin_rtimeout
Remove in 1.3 dev

Page Asterisk Language Syntaxes supported
Note that in future, we need to move to a model where we can differentiate further - e.g. between en_US & en_UK

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