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Asterisk Language Syntaxes supported

Not really language codes. For these language codes, Asterisk will change the syntax when saying numbers (and in some cases dates and voicemail messages as well)
  • da - Danish
  • de - German
  • en - English (US)
  • en_GB - English (British)
  • es - Spanish, Mexican
  • fr - French
  • he - Hebrew
  • it - Italian
  • nl - Dutch
  • no - Norwegian
  • pl - Polish
  • pt - Portuguese
  • pt_BR - Portuguese (Brazil)
  • se - Swedish
  • zh - Taiwanese / Chinese
  • ru - Russian
  • ka - Georgian
For Some languages the numbers differ for gender and plural.
  • Use the option argument 'f' for female, 'm' for male and 'n' for neuter in languages like Portuguese, French, Spanish and German.
  • use the option argument 'c' is for commune and 'n' for neuter gender in nordic languages like Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. use the option argument 'p' for plural enumerations like in German
Date/Time functions currently have less languages supported than saynumber().
Note that in future, we need to move to a model where we can differentiate further - e.g. between en_US & en_UK
See contrib/i18n.testsuite.conf for some examples of the different syntaxes

Portuguese sound files needed for Time/Date functions: pt-ah pt-ao pt-de pt-e pt-ora pt-meianoite pt-meiodia pt-sss
Spanish sound files needed for Time/Date functions: es-de es-el
Italian sound files needed for Time/Date functions: ore-una ore-mezzanotte

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