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ast_callerid Struct Reference

Structure for all kinds of caller ID identifications. More...

#include <channel.h>

Data Fields

char * cid_ani
int cid_ani2
char * cid_dnid
char * cid_name
char * cid_num
int cid_pres
char * cid_rdnis
int cid_tns
int cid_ton

Detailed Description

Structure for all kinds of caller ID identifications.

All string fields here are malloc'ed, so they need to be freed when the structure is deleted. Also, NULL and "" must be considered equivalent.

Definition at line 185 of file channel.h.

Field Documentation

char* cid_ani

int cid_ani2

Callerid ANI 2 (Info digits)

Definition at line 192 of file channel.h.

Referenced by check_bridge(), dahdi_handle_event(), local_call(), pbx_retrieve_variable(), and setup_env().

char* cid_dnid

char* cid_name

char* cid_num

Malloc'd Caller Number

Definition at line 187 of file channel.h.

Referenced by __ast_goto_if_exists(), __ast_pbx_run(), __login_exec(), _macro_exec(), action_agents(), action_status(), agent_call(), agentmonitoroutgoing_exec(), ast_app_dtget(), ast_bridge_call(), ast_call_forward(), ast_channel_alloc(), ast_channel_bridge(), ast_parseable_goto(), ast_set_callerid(), ast_setstate(), asyncgoto_exec(), background_detect_exec(), begin_dial(), blacklist_read(), build_rpid(), builtin_atxfer(), builtin_automonitor(), callerid_read(), check_bridge(), collect_digits(), conf_run(), console_transfer(), console_transfer_deprecated(), copy_message(), dahdi_call(), dahdi_handle_dtmf(), dahdi_handle_event(), dial_trunk(), disa_exec(), do_immediate_setup(), features_call(), find_matching_endwhile(), findmeexec(), forward_message(), free_cid(), handle_chanlist(), handle_chanlist_deprecated(), handle_setpriority(), handle_showchan(), handle_showchan_deprecated(), iax2_call(), initreqprep(), join_queue(), leave_voicemail(), local_call(), lookupblacklist_exec(), lookupcidname_exec(), manager_parking_status(), manager_queues_status(), meetme_cmd(), mgcp_call(), mgcp_hangup(), mgcp_ss(), misdn_call(), misdn_hangup(), misdn_show_cls(), misdn_write(), oh323_call(), ospauth_exec(), osplookup_exec(), oss_call(), park_call_full(), park_exec(), parkandannounce_exec(), pbx_builtin_background(), pbx_builtin_waitexten(), phone_call(), post_manager_event(), print_bc_info(), privacy_exec(), process_ast_dsp(), queue_exec(), release_chan(), report_new_callerid(), ring_entry(), rpt_call(), rpt_exec(), senddialevent(), serialize_showchan(), set_one_cid(), setup_env(), skinny_answer(), skinny_call(), skinny_indicate(), skinny_ss(), sla_ring_station(), sms_exec(), ss_thread(), valid_exit(), vm_authenticate(), wait_for_answer(), waitstream_core(), write_metadata(), and zapateller_exec().

int cid_pres

char* cid_rdnis

int cid_tns

Callerid Transit Network Select

Definition at line 194 of file channel.h.

Referenced by ast_iax2_new(), begin_dial(), callerid_write(), check_bridge(), dahdi_read(), iax2_call(), local_call(), pbx_retrieve_variable(), and setup_env().

int cid_ton

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