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ast_context Struct Reference

ast_context: An extension context More...

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Data Fields

struct {
   struct ast_sw *   first
   struct ast_sw *   last
struct ast_ignorepatignorepats
struct ast_includeincludes
ast_mutex_t lock
ast_mutex_t macrolock
char name [0]
struct ast_contextnext
const char * registrar
struct ast_extenroot

Detailed Description

ast_context: An extension context

Definition at line 162 of file pbx.c.

Field Documentation

struct { ... } alts

struct ast_sw* first [read]

Definition at line 169 of file pbx.c.

struct ast_ignorepat* ignorepats [read]

Patterns for which to continue playing dialtone

Definition at line 167 of file pbx.c.

Referenced by ast_context_add_ignorepat2(), ast_context_remove_ignorepat2(), ast_ignore_pattern(), and ast_walk_context_ignorepats().

struct ast_include* includes [read]

Include other contexts

Definition at line 166 of file pbx.c.

Referenced by ast_context_add_include2(), ast_context_remove_include2(), ast_walk_context_includes(), and pbx_find_extension().

struct ast_sw* last [read]

Definition at line 169 of file pbx.c.

A lock to implement "exclusive" macros - held whilst a call is executing in the macro

Definition at line 170 of file pbx.c.

Referenced by __ast_context_create(), ast_context_lockmacro(), and ast_context_unlockmacro().

char name[0]

struct ast_context* next [read]

Link them together

Definition at line 165 of file pbx.c.

Referenced by __ast_context_create(), __ast_context_destroy(), ast_merge_contexts_and_delete(), and ast_walk_contexts().

const char* registrar


Definition at line 168 of file pbx.c.

Referenced by __ast_context_create(), ast_get_context_registrar(), and ast_merge_contexts_and_delete().

struct ast_exten* root [read]

The root of the list of extensions

Definition at line 164 of file pbx.c.

Referenced by add_pri(), ast_add_extension2(), ast_context_remove_extension_callerid2(), and ast_walk_context_extensions().

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