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dns_HEADER Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned aa:1
unsigned ad:1
unsigned ancount:16
unsigned arcount:16
unsigned cd:1
unsigned id:16
unsigned nscount:16
unsigned opcode:4
unsigned qdcount:16
unsigned qr:1
unsigned ra:1
unsigned rcode:4
unsigned rd:1
unsigned tc:1
unsigned unused:1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file dns.c.

Field Documentation

unsigned aa

authoritive answer

Definition at line 115 of file dns.c.

unsigned ad

authentic data from named

Definition at line 121 of file dns.c.

unsigned ancount

number of answer entries

Definition at line 141 of file dns.c.

Referenced by dns_parse_answer().

unsigned arcount

number of resource entries

Definition at line 143 of file dns.c.

unsigned cd

checking disabled by resolver

Definition at line 122 of file dns.c.

unsigned id

query identification number

Definition at line 110 of file dns.c.

unsigned nscount

number of authority entries

Definition at line 142 of file dns.c.

unsigned opcode

purpose of message

Definition at line 114 of file dns.c.

unsigned qdcount

number of question entries

Definition at line 140 of file dns.c.

Referenced by dns_parse_answer().

unsigned qr

response flag

Definition at line 113 of file dns.c.

unsigned ra

recursion available

Definition at line 119 of file dns.c.

unsigned rcode

response code

Definition at line 123 of file dns.c.

unsigned rd

recursion desired

Definition at line 117 of file dns.c.

unsigned tc

truncated message

Definition at line 116 of file dns.c.

unsigned unused

unused bits (MBZ as of 4.9.3a3)

Definition at line 120 of file dns.c.

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