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ast_module_info Struct Reference

#include <module.h>

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Data Fields

int(* backup_globals )(void)
const char buildopt_sum [33]
const char * description
unsigned int flags
const char * key
enum ast_module_load_result(* load )(void)
const char * name
int(* reload )(void)
void(* restore_globals )(void)
struct ast_moduleself
int(* unload )(void)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 194 of file module.h.

Field Documentation

int(* backup_globals)(void)

for embedded modules, backup global data

Referenced by load_resource().

const char buildopt_sum[33]

The value of AST_BUILDOPT_SUM when this module was compiled

Definition at line 221 of file module.h.

Referenced by inspect_module().

const char* description

user friendly description of the module.

Definition at line 209 of file module.h.

Referenced by ast_module_reload(), ast_update_module_list(), inspect_module(), and load_resource().

unsigned int flags

Definition at line 218 of file module.h.

const char* key

This holds the ASTERISK_GPL_KEY, signifiying that you agree to the terms of the Asterisk license as stated in the ASTERISK_GPL_KEY. Your module will not load if it does not return the EXACT key string.

Definition at line 217 of file module.h.

Referenced by inspect_module().

register stuff etc. Optional.

Referenced by load_resource().

const char* name

name of the module for loader reference and CLI commands

Definition at line 208 of file module.h.

int(* reload)(void)

config etc. Optional.

Referenced by ast_module_helper(), and ast_module_reload().

void(* restore_globals)(void)

for embedded modules, restore global data

Referenced by ast_unload_resource().

struct ast_module* self [read]

The 'self' pointer for a module; it will be set by the loader before it calls the module's load_module() entrypoint, and used by various other macros that need to identify the module.

Definition at line 202 of file module.h.

int(* unload)(void)

unload. called with the module locked

Referenced by ast_module_shutdown(), and ast_unload_resource().

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