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fake_context Struct Reference

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Data Fields

struct {
   struct ast_sw *   first
   struct ast_sw *   last
struct ast_ignorepatignorepats
struct ast_includeincludes
ast_rwlock_t lock
ast_mutex_t macrolock
char name [256]
struct ast_contextnext
struct match_charpattern_tree
int refcount
const char * registrar
struct ast_extenroot
struct ast_hashtabroot_table

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1985 of file pbx.c.

Field Documentation

struct { ... } alts

struct ast_sw* first [read]

Definition at line 1996 of file pbx.c.

struct ast_ignorepat* ignorepats [read]

Definition at line 1993 of file pbx.c.

struct ast_include* includes [read]

Definition at line 1992 of file pbx.c.

struct ast_sw* last [read]

Definition at line 1996 of file pbx.c.

Definition at line 1987 of file pbx.c.

Definition at line 1997 of file pbx.c.

char name[256]

struct ast_context* next [read]

Definition at line 1991 of file pbx.c.

struct match_char* pattern_tree [read]

Definition at line 1990 of file pbx.c.

int refcount

Definition at line 1995 of file pbx.c.

const char* registrar

Definition at line 1994 of file pbx.c.

struct ast_exten* root [read]

Definition at line 1988 of file pbx.c.

struct ast_hashtab* root_table [read]

Definition at line 1989 of file pbx.c.

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