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ast_datastore_info Struct Reference

Structure for a data store type. More...

#include <datastore.h>

Data Fields

void(* chan_fixup )(void *data, struct ast_channel *old_chan, struct ast_channel *new_chan)
 Fix up channel references.
void(* destroy )(void *data)
void *(* duplicate )(void *data)
const char * type

Detailed Description

Structure for a data store type.

Definition at line 31 of file datastore.h.

Field Documentation

void(* chan_fixup)(void *data, struct ast_channel *old_chan, struct ast_channel *new_chan)

Fix up channel references.

  • data The datastore data
  • old_chan The old channel owning the datastore
  • new_chan The new channel owning the datastore
This is exactly like the fixup callback of the channel technology interface. It allows a datastore to fix any pointers it saved to the owning channel in case that the owning channel has changed. Generally, this would happen when the datastore is set to be inherited, and a masquerade occurs.


Referenced by ast_do_masquerade().

void(* destroy)(void *data)

Destroy function

Referenced by ast_datastore_free().

void*(* duplicate)(void *data)

Duplicate item data (used for inheritance)

Referenced by ast_channel_datastore_inherit().

const char* type

Type of data store

Definition at line 32 of file datastore.h.

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