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ast_speech Struct Reference

#include <speech.h>

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Data Fields

void * data
struct ast_speech_engineengine
unsigned int flags
int format
ast_mutex_t lock
char * processing_sound
struct ast_speech_resultresults
enum ast_speech_results_type results_type
int state

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file speech.h.

Field Documentation

void* data

Data for speech engine

Definition at line 63 of file speech.h.

Referenced by speech_load().

struct ast_speech_engine* engine [read]

unsigned int flags

Set flags

Definition at line 55 of file speech.h.

int format

Expected write format

Definition at line 61 of file speech.h.

Referenced by ast_speech_new(), and speech_background().

Structure lock

Definition at line 53 of file speech.h.

Referenced by ast_speech_destroy(), ast_speech_new(), handle_speechrecognize(), and speech_background().

Processing sound (used when engine is processing audio and getting results)

Definition at line 57 of file speech.h.

Referenced by ast_speech_destroy(), handle_speechrecognize(), speech_background(), and speech_processing_sound().

struct ast_speech_result* results [read]

Type of results we want

Definition at line 67 of file speech.h.

Referenced by ast_speech_change_results_type().

int state

Current state of structure

Definition at line 59 of file speech.h.

Referenced by ast_speech_change_state(), ast_speech_dtmf(), ast_speech_write(), handle_speechrecognize(), and speech_background().

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