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Asterisk developer's documentation

Asterisk Mini-voicemail - A minimal voicemail system

This is a minimal voicemail system, building blocks for something else. It is built for multi-language systems. The current version is focused on accounts where voicemail is forwarded to users in e-mail. It's work in progress, with loosed ends hanging around from the old voicemail system and it's configuration.

Hopefully, we can expand this to be a full replacement of voicemail() and voicemailmain() in the future.

Dialplan applications

Dialplan functions

CLI Commands

Some notes

Voicemail accounts are identified by userid and domain

Language codes are like setlocale - langcode_countrycode

Don't use language codes like the rest of Asterisk, two letter countrycode. Use language_country like setlocale().

See also

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