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SQLite Resource driver configuration


res_config_sqlite is a module for the Asterisk Open Source PBX to support SQLite 2 databases. It can be used to fetch configuration from a database (static configuration files and/or using the Asterisk RealTime Architecture - ARA). It can also be used to log CDR entries. Note that Asterisk already comes with a module named cdr_sqlite. There are two reasons for including it in res_config_sqlite: the first is that rewriting it was a training to learn how to write a simple module for Asterisk, the other is to have the same database open for all kinds of operations, which improves reliability and performance.


The main configuration file is res_config_sqlite.conf. It must be readable or res_config_sqlite will fail to start. It is suggested to use the sample file in this package as a starting point. The file has only one section named general. Here are the supported parameters :

The absolute path to the SQLite database (the file can be non existent, res_config_sqlite will create it if it has the appropriate rights)
The table used for static configuration
The table used to store CDR entries (if ommitted, CDR support is disabled)

To use res_config_sqlite for static and/or RealTime configuration, refer to the Asterisk documentation. The file tables.sql can be used to create the needed tables.

Driver status

The CLI command show sqlite status returns status information about the running driver.


res_config_sqlite was developed by Richard Braun at the Proformatique company.

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