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ast_bridge_channel Struct Reference

Structure that contains information regarding a channel in a bridge. More...

#include <bridging.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AST_LIST_ENTRY (ast_bridge_channel) entry

Data Fields

struct ast_bridgebridge
void * bridge_pvt
struct ast_channelchan
ast_cond_t cond
char dtmf_stream_q [8]
int fds [4]
struct ast_bridge_featuresfeatures
ast_mutex_t lock
enum ast_bridge_channel_state state
unsigned int suspended:1
struct ast_channelswap
pthread_t thread

Detailed Description

Structure that contains information regarding a channel in a bridge.

Definition at line 117 of file bridging.h.

Member Function Documentation

AST_LIST_ENTRY ( ast_bridge_channel   ) 

Linked list information

Field Documentation

struct ast_bridge* bridge [read]

void* bridge_pvt

Private information unique to the bridge technology

Definition at line 131 of file bridging.h.

Referenced by softmix_bridge_join(), softmix_bridge_leave(), softmix_bridge_poke(), softmix_bridge_thread(), and softmix_bridge_write().

struct ast_channel* chan [read]

Condition, used if we want to wake up a thread waiting on the bridged channel

Definition at line 121 of file bridging.h.

Referenced by ast_bridge_change_state(), ast_bridge_impart(), ast_bridge_join(), ast_bridge_merge(), bridge_channel_join_multithreaded(), bridge_channel_join_singlethreaded(), bridge_channel_thread(), and smart_bridge_operation().

char dtmf_stream_q[8]

Queue of DTMF digits used for DTMF streaming

Definition at line 141 of file bridging.h.

Referenced by ast_bridge_dtmf_stream(), and bridge_channel_dtmf_stream().

int fds[4]

Additional file descriptors to look at

Definition at line 135 of file bridging.h.

Referenced by bridge_channel_join_multithreaded().

struct ast_bridge_features* features [read]

Features structure for features that are specific to this channel

Definition at line 139 of file bridging.h.

Referenced by ast_bridge_handle_trip(), ast_bridge_impart(), bridge_channel_feature(), bridge_check_dissolve(), and bridge_handle_dtmf().

unsigned int suspended

Bit to indicate whether the channel is suspended from the bridge or not

Definition at line 137 of file bridging.h.

Referenced by bridge_channel_join_multithreaded(), bridge_channel_suspend(), and bridge_channel_unsuspend().

struct ast_channel* swap [read]

Asterisk channel we are swapping with (if swapping)

Definition at line 127 of file bridging.h.

Referenced by ast_bridge_impart(), and bridge_channel_join().

pthread_t thread

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