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ast_cdr Struct Reference

Responsible for call detail data. More...

#include <cdr.h>

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Data Fields

char accountcode [AST_MAX_ACCOUNT_CODE]
long int amaflags
struct timeval answer
long int billsec
char channel [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
char dcontext [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
long int disposition
char dstchannel [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
long int duration
struct timeval end
unsigned int flags
char lastapp [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
char lastdata [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
char linkedid [32]
struct ast_cdrnext
char peeraccount [AST_MAX_ACCOUNT_CODE]
int sequence
struct timeval start
char uniqueid [150]
char userfield [AST_MAX_USER_FIELD]
struct varshead varshead

Detailed Description

Responsible for call detail data.

Definition at line 82 of file cdr.h.

Field Documentation

char accountcode[AST_MAX_ACCOUNT_CODE]

long int amaflags

struct timeval answer [read]

long int billsec

char channel[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]


char dcontext[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

long int disposition


char dstchannel[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

long int duration

struct timeval end [read]

unsigned int flags


Definition at line 118 of file cdr.h.

char lastapp[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

char lastdata[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

char linkedid[32]

Definition at line 123 of file cdr.h.

Referenced by ast_cdr_getvar(), ast_cdr_init(), ast_cdr_update(), and try_calling().

struct ast_cdr* next [read]

char peeraccount[AST_MAX_ACCOUNT_CODE]

Account number of the last person we talked to

Definition at line 116 of file cdr.h.

Referenced by ast_cdr_getvar(), ast_cdr_init(), ast_cdr_merge(), ast_cdr_setpeeraccount(), and ast_cdr_update().

int sequence

Sequence field

Definition at line 127 of file cdr.h.

Referenced by ast_cdr_getvar(), and cdr_seq_inc().


struct timeval start [read]

char uniqueid[150]

Unique Channel Identifier 150 = 127 (max systemname) + "-" + 10 (epoch timestamp) + "." + 10 (monotonically incrementing integer) + NULL

Definition at line 121 of file cdr.h.

Referenced by ast_bridge_call(), ast_cdr_getvar(), ast_cdr_init(), build_csv_record(), build_radius_record(), execute_cb(), manager_log(), sqlite_log(), and try_calling().

char userfield[AST_MAX_USER_FIELD]

struct varshead varshead [read]

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