ast_rtp_instance_stats Struct Reference

#include <rtp_engine.h>

Data Fields

char channel_uniqueid [MAX_CHANNEL_ID]
double local_maxjitter
double local_maxrxploss
double local_minjitter
double local_minrxploss
double local_normdevjitter
double local_normdevrxploss
unsigned int local_ssrc
double local_stdevjitter
double local_stdevrxploss
double maxrtt
double minrtt
double normdevrtt
double remote_maxjitter
double remote_maxrxploss
double remote_minjitter
double remote_minrxploss
double remote_normdevjitter
double remote_normdevrxploss
unsigned int remote_ssrc
double remote_stdevjitter
double remote_stdevrxploss
double rtt
unsigned int rxcount
double rxjitter
unsigned int rxploss
double stdevrtt
unsigned int txcount
double txjitter
unsigned int txploss

Detailed Description

Structure that represents statistics from an RTP instance

Definition at line 298 of file rtp_engine.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned int txcount

Number of packets transmitted

Definition at line 300 of file rtp_engine.h.

Referenced by ast_rtp_get_stat(), ast_rtp_instance_get_quality(), channel_read_rtcp(), show_chanstats_cb(), and sip_acf_channel_read().

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