chan_pjsip.h File Reference

PJSIP Channel Driver shared data structures. More...

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Data Structures

struct  chan_pjsip_pvt
 The PJSIP channel driver pvt, stored in the ast_sip_channel_pvt data structure. More...
struct  transport_info_data
 Transport information stored in transport_info datastore. More...


enum  sip_session_media_position { SIP_MEDIA_AUDIO = 0, SIP_MEDIA_VIDEO, SIP_MEDIA_SIZE }
 Positions of various media. More...

Detailed Description

PJSIP Channel Driver shared data structures.

Definition in file chan_pjsip.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Positions of various media.

SIP_MEDIA_AUDIO  First is audio.
SIP_MEDIA_VIDEO  Second is video.
SIP_MEDIA_SIZE  Last is the size for media details.

Definition at line 40 of file chan_pjsip.h.

00040                                 {
00041    /*! \brief First is audio */
00042    SIP_MEDIA_AUDIO = 0,
00043    /*! \brief Second is video */
00045    /*! \brief Last is the size for media details */
00046    SIP_MEDIA_SIZE,
00047 };

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