ast_rtp_engine Struct Reference

#include <rtp_engine.h>

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Data Fields

int(* activate )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance)
void(* available_formats )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_format_cap *to_endpoint, struct ast_format_cap *to_asterisk, struct ast_format_cap *result)
void(* change_source )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance)
int(* destroy )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance)
struct ast_rtp_engine_dtlsdtls
int(* dtmf_begin )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, char digit)
int(* dtmf_compatible )(struct ast_channel *chan0, struct ast_rtp_instance *instance0, struct ast_channel *chan1, struct ast_rtp_instance *instance1)
int(* dtmf_end )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, char digit)
int(* dtmf_end_with_duration )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, char digit, unsigned int duration)
enum ast_rtp_dtmf_mode(* dtmf_mode_get )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance)
int(* dtmf_mode_set )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, enum ast_rtp_dtmf_mode dtmf_mode)
struct {
   struct ast_rtp_engine *   next
void *(* extended_prop_get )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, int property)
int(* extended_prop_set )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, int property, void *value)
int(* fd )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, int rtcp)
int(* get_stat )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_rtp_instance_stats *stats, enum ast_rtp_instance_stat stat)
struct ast_rtp_engine_iceice
int(* local_bridge )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance0, struct ast_rtp_instance *instance1)
int(* make_compatible )(struct ast_channel *chan0, struct ast_rtp_instance *instance0, struct ast_channel *chan1, struct ast_rtp_instance *instance1)
struct ast_modulemod
const char * name
int(* new )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_sched_context *sched, struct ast_sockaddr *sa, void *data)
void(* payload_set )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, int payload, int asterisk_format, struct ast_format *format, int code)
void(* prop_set )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, enum ast_rtp_property property, int value)
int(* qos )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, int tos, int cos, const char *desc)
struct ast_frame *(* read )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, int rtcp)
int(* red_buffer )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_frame *frame)
int(* red_init )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, int buffer_time, int *payloads, int generations)
void(* remote_address_set )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_sockaddr *sa)
int(* sendcng )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, int level)
int(* set_read_format )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_format *format)
int(* set_write_format )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_format *format)
void(* stop )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance)
void(* stun_request )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_sockaddr *suggestion, const char *username)
void(* update_source )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance)
int(* write )(struct ast_rtp_instance *instance, struct ast_frame *frame)

Detailed Description

Structure that represents an RTP stack (engine)

Definition at line 505 of file rtp_engine.h.

Field Documentation

const char* name

Name of the RTP engine, used when explicitly requested

Definition at line 507 of file rtp_engine.h.

Referenced by ast_rtp_engine_register2(), ast_rtp_engine_unregister(), ast_rtp_instance_new(), and instance_destructor().

struct ast_rtp_engine* next [read]

Definition at line 576 of file rtp_engine.h.

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