ast_ari_conf_user Struct Reference

Per-user configuration options. More...

#include <internal.h>

Data Fields

char password [ARI_PASSWORD_LEN]
enum ast_ari_password_format password_format
int read_only
char * username

Detailed Description

Per-user configuration options.

Definition at line 96 of file internal.h.

Field Documentation

char password[ARI_PASSWORD_LEN]

User's password.

Definition at line 100 of file internal.h.

Referenced by validate_user_cb().

Format for the password field

Definition at line 102 of file internal.h.

Referenced by password_format_handler().

int read_only

If true, user cannot execute change operations

Definition at line 104 of file internal.h.

Referenced by ast_ari_config_init(), and show_users_cb().

char* username

Username for authentication

Definition at line 98 of file internal.h.

Referenced by authenticate_api_key(), show_users_cb(), user_dtor(), user_sort_cmp(), and validate_user_cb().

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