buildinfo.c File Reference

Build timestamp variables. More...

#include "asterisk/buildinfo.h"
#include "asterisk/build.h"

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const char * ast_build_date = BUILD_DATE
const char * ast_build_hostname = BUILD_HOSTNAME
const char * ast_build_kernel = BUILD_KERNEL
const char * ast_build_machine = BUILD_MACHINE
const char * ast_build_os = BUILD_OS
const char * ast_build_user = BUILD_USER

Detailed Description

Build timestamp variables.

Kevin P. Fleming <>

Definition in file buildinfo.c.

Variable Documentation

const char* ast_build_date = BUILD_DATE

const char* ast_build_hostname = BUILD_HOSTNAME

Definition at line 29 of file buildinfo.c.

Referenced by env_init(), handle_version(), and make_logchannel().

const char* ast_build_kernel = BUILD_KERNEL

Definition at line 30 of file buildinfo.c.

Referenced by ast_ari_asterisk_get_info(), env_init(), and handle_show_settings().

const char* ast_build_machine = BUILD_MACHINE

const char* ast_build_os = BUILD_OS

const char* ast_build_user = BUILD_USER

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