dundi_request Struct Reference

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Data Fields

int cbypass
uint32_t crc32
char dcontext [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
struct dundi_entity_infodei
struct dundi_resultdr
int expiration
struct dundi_hint_metadatahmd
struct {
   struct dundi_request *   next
int maxcount
char number [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
int pfds [2]
dundi_eid query_eid
int respcount
dundi_eid root_eid
struct {
   struct dundi_transaction *   first
   struct dundi_transaction *   last

Detailed Description

Definition at line 273 of file pbx_dundi.c.

Field Documentation

int cbypass

Definition at line 284 of file pbx_dundi.c.

Referenced by dundi_discover(), and dundi_lookup_internal().

uint32_t crc32

CRC-32 of all but root EID's in avoid list

Definition at line 286 of file pbx_dundi.c.

Referenced by avoid_crc32(), build_transactions(), cache_save(), cache_save_hint(), dundi_lookup_internal(), and register_request().

char dcontext[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

struct dundi_entity_info* dei [read]

Definition at line 279 of file pbx_dundi.c.

Referenced by dundi_query_eid_internal(), and handle_command_response().

struct dundi_result* dr [read]

struct dundi_transaction* first [read]

Definition at line 287 of file pbx_dundi.c.

struct dundi_hint_metadata* hmd [read]

struct dundi_transaction* last [read]

Definition at line 287 of file pbx_dundi.c.

struct { ... } list

int maxcount

struct dundi_request* next [read]

Definition at line 288 of file pbx_dundi.c.

char number[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

int pfds[2]

int respcount

struct { ... } trans

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