parking_lot Struct Reference

#include <res_parking.h>

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Data Fields

struct ast_string_field_mgr __field_mgr
struct ast_string_field_pool__field_mgr_pool
struct parking_lot_cfgcfg
int disable_mark
enum parking_lot_modes mode
const ast_string_field name
int next_space
struct ao2_containerparked_users
struct ast_bridgeparking_bridge

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file res_parking.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 99 of file res_parking.h.

Definition at line 99 of file res_parking.h.

struct parking_lot_cfg* cfg [read]

On reload, disable this parking lot if it doesn't receive a new configuration. Name of the parking lot object

Definition at line 95 of file res_parking.h.

Referenced by disable_marked_lots(), mark_lots_as_disabled(), parking_lot_build_or_update(), and parking_lot_disable().

Whether a parking lot is operational, being reconfigured, primed for deletion, or dynamically created.

Definition at line 94 of file res_parking.h.

Referenced by display_parking_lot(), generate_parked_user(), parking_lot_build_or_update(), parking_lot_disable(), and parking_lot_remove_if_unused().

When using parkfindnext, which space we should start searching from next time we park

Definition at line 90 of file res_parking.h.

Referenced by generate_parked_user(), and parking_lot_get_space().

struct ao2_container* parked_users [read]

struct ast_bridge* parking_bridge [read]

Bridged where parked calls will rest until they are answered or otherwise leave

Definition at line 91 of file res_parking.h.

Referenced by parking_lot_destructor(), and parking_lot_get_bridge().

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