ast_tone_zone_sound Struct Reference

Description of a tone. More...

#include <indications.h>

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Data Fields

union {
   struct {
      unsigned int   killme:1
   uint32_t   __padding
 Flags only used internally.
const char * data
 Description of a tone.
struct {
   struct ast_tone_zone_sound *   next
 Linked list fields for including in the list on an ast_tone_zone.
const char * name
 Name of the tone. For example, "busy".

Detailed Description

Description of a tone.


Definition at line 36 of file indications.h.

Field Documentation

union { ... }

Flags only used internally.

uint32_t __padding

Definition at line 58 of file indications.h.

const char* data

Description of a tone.

The format is a comma separated list of tone parts in the following format:

Format: [!][M]freq[<+|*>freq2][/duration]

  • '!' - means that the element is NOT repeated
  • 'M' - interpret the frequencies as midi notes instead of frequencies
  • freq - The first frequency
  • freq2 - The second frequency (optional)
  • '*' - modulate freq by freq2 at a fixed depth of 90%
  • '+' - combine the frequencies
  • duration - the length of the tone part (optional, forever if not specified)

Definition at line 53 of file indications.h.

Referenced by ast_app_dtget(), ast_control_tone(), ast_indicate_data(), ast_register_indication(), ast_tone_zone_sound_destructor(), control_tone_frame_response(), dial_handle_playtones(), dialtone_indicate(), handle_cli_indication_show(), handle_playtones(), in_band_indication(), pbx_builtin_waitexten(), play_dialtone(), read_exec(), readexten_exec(), and send_dial_tone().

struct { ... } entry

Linked list fields for including in the list on an ast_tone_zone.

unsigned int killme

Definition at line 60 of file indications.h.

Referenced by prune_tone_zone(), and tone_zone_mark().

const char* name

struct ast_tone_zone_sound* next [read]

Definition at line 55 of file indications.h.

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