addr_range Struct Reference

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Data Fields

unsigned char delme
struct ast_ha ha
uint16_t limit

Detailed Description

used by both callno_limits and calltoken_ignores containers

Definition at line 975 of file chan_iax2.c.

Field Documentation

unsigned char delme

delete me marker for reloads

Definition at line 981 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by add_calltoken_ignore(), addr_range_delme_cb(), build_callno_limits(), and prune_addr_range_cb().

struct ast_ha ha [read]

ip address range for custom callno limit rule

Definition at line 977 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by add_calltoken_ignore(), addr_range_cmp_cb(), addr_range_hash_cb(), addr_range_match_address_cb(), and build_callno_limits().

uint16_t limit

callno limit for this ip address range, only used in callno_limits container

Definition at line 979 of file chan_iax2.c.

Referenced by build_callno_limits(), and set_peercnt_limit().

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