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namespace  sip_to_pjsip

Data Structures

class  Registration


def add_localnet
def build_host
def cli_options
def convert
def create_tcp
def create_tls
def create_udp
def find_non_mapped
def from_dtlsenable
def from_encryption_taglen
def from_host
def from_mailbox
def from_nat
def from_progressinband
def from_recordfeature
def from_sendrpid
def map_auth
def map_peer
def map_registrations
def map_transports
def merge_value
def non_mapped
def section_by_type
def set_direct_media
def set_dtmfmode
def set_media_encryption
def set_record_off_feature
def set_record_on_feature
def set_timers
def set_tls_bindaddr
def set_tls_cafile
def set_tls_cipher
def set_tls_method
def set_tls_private_key
def set_tls_verifyclient
def set_tls_verifyserver
def set_transport_common
def set_value
def setup_auth
def setup_ident
def split_hostport
def write_pjsip


list peer_map
string PREFIX = 'pjsip_'
tuple sip = astconfigparser.MultiOrderedConfigParser()

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