sip_epa_entry Struct Reference

#include <sip.h>

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Data Fields

char body [SIPBUFSIZE]
char destination [SIPBUFSIZE]
char entity_tag [SIPBUFSIZE]
void * instance_data
enum sip_publish_type publish_type
struct epa_static_datastatic_data

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1622 of file sip.h.

Field Documentation

char body[SIPBUFSIZE]

The body of the most recently-sent PUBLISH message. This is useful for situations such as authentication, in which we must send a message identical to the one previously sent

Definition at line 1646 of file sip.h.

Referenced by handle_cc_notify(), sip_cc_monitor_suspend(), sip_cc_monitor_unsuspend(), sip_monitor_instance_destructor(), and transmit_invite().

char destination[SIPBUFSIZE]

The destination to which this EPA should send PUBLISHes. This may be the name of a SIP peer or a hostname.

Definition at line 1639 of file sip.h.

Referenced by create_epa_entry(), and transmit_publish().

char entity_tag[SIPBUFSIZE]

When we send a PUBLISH, we have to be sure to include the entity tag that we received in the previous response.

Definition at line 1633 of file sip.h.

Referenced by handle_response_publish(), and transmit_invite().

In addition to the static data that all instances of sip_epa_entry will have, each instance will require its own instance-specific data.

Definition at line 1658 of file sip.h.

Referenced by cc_epa_destructor(), cc_handle_publish_error(), handle_cc_notify(), sip_cc_monitor_suspend(), and sip_cc_monitor_unsuspend().

When we are going to send a publish, we need to know the type of PUBLISH to send.

Definition at line 1627 of file sip.h.

Referenced by transmit_invite(), and transmit_publish().

struct epa_static_data* static_data [read]

Every event package has some constant data and callbacks that all instances will share. This data resides in this field.

Definition at line 1652 of file sip.h.

Referenced by create_epa_entry(), handle_response_publish(), and transmit_invite().

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