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Data Fields

struct {
   struct ast_module *   first
   struct ast_module *   last
struct {
   unsigned int   declined:1
   unsigned int   keepuntilshutdown:1
   unsigned int   running:1
struct ast_module_infoinfo
void * lib
struct {
   struct ast_module *   next
char resource [0]
int usecount
struct module_user_list users

Detailed Description



Definition at line 123 of file loader.c.

Field Documentation

unsigned int declined

struct { ... } entry

struct ast_module* first [read]

Definition at line 138 of file loader.c.

struct { ... } flags

struct ast_module_info* info [read]

unsigned int keepuntilshutdown

Definition at line 135 of file loader.c.

Referenced by __ast_module_shutdown_ref(), and ast_module_shutdown().

struct ast_module* last [read]

Definition at line 138 of file loader.c.

Referenced by load_modules().

void* lib

Definition at line 129 of file loader.c.

Referenced by ast_unload_resource(), load_modules(), and load_resource().

struct { ... } list_entry

Referenced by ast_update_module_list().

struct ast_module* next [read]

Definition at line 137 of file loader.c.

char resource[0]

unsigned int running

int usecount

struct module_user_list users [read]

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