ast_tcptls_session_args Struct Reference

arguments for the accepting th

#include <tcptls.h>

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Data Fields

int accept_fd
void *(* accept_fn )(void *)
char hostname [MAXHOSTNAMELEN]
struct ast_sockaddr local_address
pthread_t master
const char * name
struct ast_sockaddr old_address
void(* periodic_fn )(void *)
int poll_timeout
struct ast_sockaddr remote_address
struct ast_tls_configtls_cfg
void *(* worker_fn )(void *)

Detailed Description

arguments for the accepting thread

Definition at line 131 of file tcptls.h.

Field Documentation

int accept_fd

void*(* accept_fn)(void *)

the function in charge of doing the accept

Referenced by ast_tcptls_server_start().

char hostname[MAXHOSTNAMELEN]

only necessary for SSL clients so we can compare to common name

Definition at line 135 of file tcptls.h.

Referenced by handle_tcptls_connection(), and sip_prepare_socket().

struct ast_sockaddr local_address [read]

pthread_t master

Server accept_fn thread ID used for external shutdown requests.

Definition at line 140 of file tcptls.h.

Referenced by ast_tcptls_server_start(), ast_tcptls_server_stop(), and unload_module().

const char* name

struct ast_sockaddr old_address [read]

copy of the local or remote address depending on if its a client or server session

Definition at line 133 of file tcptls.h.

Referenced by ast_tcptls_client_create(), ast_tcptls_server_start(), handle_show_http(), and httpstatus_callback().

void(* periodic_fn)(void *)

something we may want to run before after select on the accept socket

Referenced by ast_tcptls_server_root().

Definition at line 138 of file tcptls.h.

Referenced by ast_tcptls_server_root().

struct ast_tls_config* tls_cfg [read]

void*(* worker_fn)(void *)

the function in charge of doing the actual work

Referenced by ast_tcptls_client_create(), and handle_tcptls_connection().

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