ast_speech_engine Struct Reference

#include <speech.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AST_LIST_ENTRY (ast_speech_engine) list

Data Fields

int(* activate )(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *grammar_name)
int(* change )(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *name, const char *value)
int(* change_results_type )(struct ast_speech *speech, enum ast_speech_results_type results_type)
int(* create )(struct ast_speech *speech, struct ast_format *format)
int(* deactivate )(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *grammar_name)
int(* destroy )(struct ast_speech *speech)
int(* dtmf )(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *dtmf)
struct ast_format_capformats
struct ast_speech_result *(* get )(struct ast_speech *speech)
int(* get_setting )(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *name, char *buf, size_t len)
int(* load )(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *grammar_name, const char *grammar)
char * name
int(* start )(struct ast_speech *speech)
int(* unload )(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *grammar_name)
int(* write )(struct ast_speech *speech, void *data, int len)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file speech.h.

Member Function Documentation

AST_LIST_ENTRY ( ast_speech_engine   ) 

Field Documentation

int(* activate)(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *grammar_name)

Activate a loaded grammar

Referenced by ast_speech_grammar_activate().

int(* change)(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *name, const char *value)

Change an engine specific setting

Referenced by ast_speech_change().

int(* change_results_type)(struct ast_speech *speech, enum ast_speech_results_type results_type)

Change the type of results we want back

Referenced by ast_speech_change_results_type().

int(* create)(struct ast_speech *speech, struct ast_format *format)

Set up the speech structure within the engine

Referenced by ast_speech_new(), and ast_speech_register().

int(* deactivate)(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *grammar_name)

Deactivate a loaded grammar

Referenced by ast_speech_grammar_deactivate().

int(* destroy)(struct ast_speech *speech)

Destroy any data set on the speech structure by the engine

Referenced by ast_speech_destroy(), and ast_speech_register().

int(* dtmf)(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *dtmf)

Signal DTMF was received

Referenced by ast_speech_dtmf().

struct ast_format_cap* formats [read]

Accepted formats by the engine

Definition at line 103 of file speech.h.

Referenced by ast_speech_new().

struct ast_speech_result*(* get)(struct ast_speech *speech) [read]

Try to get results

Referenced by ast_speech_results_get().

int(* get_setting)(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *name, char *buf, size_t len)

Get an engine specific setting

Referenced by ast_speech_get_setting().

int(* load)(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *grammar_name, const char *grammar)

Load a local grammar on the speech structure

Referenced by ast_speech_grammar_load().

char* name

Name of speech engine

Definition at line 75 of file speech.h.

Referenced by ast_speech_register(), ast_speech_unregister(), and find_engine().

int(* start)(struct ast_speech *speech)

Prepare engine to accept audio

Referenced by ast_speech_start().

int(* unload)(struct ast_speech *speech, const char *grammar_name)

Unload a local grammar

Referenced by ast_speech_grammar_unload().

int(* write)(struct ast_speech *speech, void *data, int len)

Write audio to the speech engine

Referenced by ast_speech_register(), and ast_speech_write().

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