ast_msg_tech Struct Reference

A message technology. More...

#include <message.h>

Data Fields

int(*const msg_send )(const struct ast_msg *msg, const char *to, const char *from)
 Send a message.
const char *const name
 Name of this message technology.

Detailed Description

A message technology.

A message technology is capable of transmitting text messages.

Definition at line 52 of file message.h.

Field Documentation

int(* const msg_send)(const struct ast_msg *msg, const char *to, const char *from)

Send a message.

msg the message to send
to the URI of where the message is being sent
from the URI of where the message was sent from
The fields of the ast_msg are guaranteed not to change during the duration of this function call.

Return values:
0 success
non-zero failure

Referenced by action_messagesend(), ast_msg_send(), and msg_send_exec().

const char* const name

Name of this message technology.

This is the name that comes at the beginning of a URI for messages that should be sent to this message technology implementation. For example, messages sent to "" would be passed to the ast_msg_tech with a name of "xmpp".

Definition at line 61 of file message.h.

Referenced by ast_msg_tech_register(), ast_msg_tech_unregister(), msg_find_by_tech_name(), and msg_tech_cmp().

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