File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions: [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code] [code]
_private.h [code]Prototypes for public functions only of internal interest, [code]
abstract_jb.c [code]Common implementation-independent jitterbuffer stuff
abstract_jb.h [code]Common implementation-independent jitterbuffer stuff
acl.c [code]Various sorts of access control
acl.h [code]Access Control of various sorts
add.c [code]
adsi.c [code]ADSI Support (built upon Caller*ID)
adsi.h [code]ADSI Support (built upon Caller*ID) [code]Bison Grammar description of AEL2 [code]
ael_lex.c [code]Flex scanner description of tokens used in AEL2
ael_main.c [code]
ael_structs.h [code]Structures for AEL - the Asterisk extension language
agent.c [code]SNMP Agent / SubAgent support for Asterisk
agent.h [code]SNMP Agent / SubAgent support for Asterisk
agi.h [code]AGI Extension interfaces - Asterisk Gateway Interface
alaw.c [code]A-Law to Signed linear conversion
alaw.h [code]A-Law to Signed linear conversion
anaFilter.c [code]
anaFilter.h [code]
analys.c [code]
aoc.c [code]Generic AOC payload generation encoding and decoding
aoc.h [code]Generic Advice of Charge encode and decode routines
main/app.c [code]Convenient Application Routines
res/stasis/app.c [code]Stasis application support
include/asterisk/app.h [code]Application convenience functions, designed to give consistent look and feel to Asterisk apps
res/stasis/app.h [code]Internal API for the Stasis application controller
app_adsiprog.c [code]Program Asterisk ADSI Scripts into phone
app_agent_pool.c [code]Call center agent pool
app_alarmreceiver.c [code]Central Station Alarm receiver for Ademco Contact ID
app_amd.c [code]Answering machine detection
app_authenticate.c [code]Execute arbitrary authenticate commands
app_bridgewait.c [code]Application to place the channel into a holding Bridge
app_cdr.c [code]Applications connected with CDR engine
app_celgenuserevent.c [code]Generate User-Defined CEL event
app_chanisavail.c [code]Check if Channel is Available
app_channelredirect.c [code]ChannelRedirect application
app_chanspy.c [code]ChanSpy: Listen in on any channel
app_confbridge.c [code]Conference Bridge application
app_controlplayback.c [code]Trivial application to control playback of a sound file
app_dahdiras.c [code]Execute an ISDN RAS
app_db.c [code]Database access functions
app_dial.c [code]Dial() & retrydial() - Trivial application to dial a channel and send an URL on answer
app_dictate.c [code]Virtual Dictation Machine Application For Asterisk
app_directed_pickup.c [code]Directed Call Pickup Support
app_directory.c [code]Provide a directory of extensions
app_disa.c [code]DISA -- Direct Inward System Access Application
app_dumpchan.c [code]Application to dump channel variables
app_echo.c [code]Echo application -- play back what you hear to evaluate latency
app_exec.c [code]Exec application
app_externalivr.c [code]External IVR application interface
app_fax.c [code]
app_festival.c [code]Connect to festival
app_flash.c [code]App to flash a DAHDI trunk
app_followme.c [code]Find-Me Follow-Me application
app_forkcdr.c [code]Fork CDR application
app_getcpeid.c [code]Get ADSI CPE ID
app_ices.c [code]Stream to an icecast server via ICES (see contrib/asterisk-ices.xml)
app_image.c [code]App to transmit an image
app_ivrdemo.c [code]IVR Demo application
app_jack.c [code]Jack Application
app_macro.c [code]Dial plan macro Implementation
app_meetme.c [code]Meet me conference bridge and Shared Line Appearances
app_milliwatt.c [code]Digital Milliwatt Test
app_minivm.c [code]MiniVoiceMail - A Minimal Voicemail System for Asterisk
app_mixmonitor.c [code]MixMonitor() - Record a call and mix the audio during the recording
app_morsecode.c [code]Morsecode application
app_mp3.c [code]Silly application to play an MP3 file -- uses mpg123
app_mysql.c [code]MYSQL dialplan application
app_nbscat.c [code]Silly application to play an NBScat file -- uses nbscat8k
app_originate.c [code]Originate application
app_osplookup.c [code]Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) Applications
app_page.c [code]Page() - Paging application
app_playback.c [code]Trivial application to playback a sound file
app_playtones.c [code]Playtones application
app_privacy.c [code]Block all calls without Caller*ID, require phone # to be entered
app_queue.c [code]True call queues with optional send URL on answer
app_read.c [code]Trivial application to read a variable
app_readexten.c [code]Trivial application to read an extension into a variable
app_record.c [code]Trivial application to record a sound file
app_saycounted.c [code]Applications to decline words according to current language
app_sayunixtime.c [code]SayUnixTime application
app_senddtmf.c [code]App to send DTMF digits
app_sendtext.c [code]App to transmit a text message
app_setcallerid.c [code]App to set callerid presentation
app_skel.c [code]Skeleton application
app_sms.c [code]SMS application - ETSI ES 201 912 protocol 1 implementation
app_softhangup.c [code]SoftHangup application
app_speech_utils.c [code]Speech Recognition Utility Applications
app_stack.c [code]Stack applications Gosub, Return, etc
app_stasis.c [code]Stasis dialplan application
app_system.c [code]Execute arbitrary system commands
app_talkdetect.c [code]Playback a file with audio detect
app_test.c [code]Applications to test connection and produce report in text file
app_transfer.c [code]Transfer a caller
app_url.c [code]App to transmit a URL
app_userevent.c [code]UserEvent application -- send manager event
app_verbose.c [code]Verbose logging application
app_voicemail.c [code]Comedian Mail - Voicemail System
app_waitforring.c [code]Wait for Ring Application
app_waitforsilence.c [code]Wait for Silence
  • Waits for up to 'x' milliseconds of silence, 'y' times
  • WaitForSilence(500,2) will wait for 1/2 second of silence, twice
  • WaitForSilence(1000,1) will wait for 1 second of silence, once
  • WaitForSilence(300,3,10) will wait for 300ms of silence, 3 times, and return after 10sec
app_waituntil.c [code]Sleep until the given epoch
app_while.c [code]While Loop Implementation
app_zapateller.c [code]Playback the special information tone to get rid of telemarketers
arch.h [code]Various architecture definitions Speex
architecture.h [code]
ari.h [code]Asterisk RESTful API hooks
ari_model_validators.c [code]Generated file - Build validators for ARI model objects
ari_model_validators.h [code]Generated file - Build validators for ARI model objects
ari_websockets.c [code]WebSocket support for RESTful API's
ast_expr.h [code]
ast_expr2.c [code]
ast_expr2.h [code]
ast_expr2f.c [code]Dialplan Expression Lexical Scanner
ast_version.h [code]Asterisk version information
astcanary.c [code] [code]
astdb.h [code]Persistant data storage (akin to *doze registry)
astdb2bdb.c [code]SQLite 3 astdb to Berkeley DB converter
astdb2sqlite3.c [code]Berkeley DB to SQLite3 converter [code]
asterisk-git-howto.h [code]
asterisk.c [code]Top level source file for Asterisk - the Open Source PBX. Implementation of PBX core functions and CLI interface
asterisk.h [code]Asterisk main include file. File version handling, generic pbx functions [code]
astfd.c [code]Debugging routines for file descriptor leaks
astman.c [code]
astmm.c [code]Memory Management
astmm.h [code]Asterisk memory usage debugging This file provides headers for MALLOC_DEBUG, a define used for tracking down memory leaks. It should never be #included directly; always use the MALLOC_DEBUG definition in menuselect to activate those functions
astobj.h [code]Object Model for Asterisk
astobj2.c [code]Functions implementing astobj2 objects
astobj2.h [code]
astobj2_container.c [code]Functions implementing astobj2 objects
astobj2_container_private.h [code]Common, private definitions for astobj2 containers
astobj2_hash.c [code]Hash table functions implementing astobj2 containers
astobj2_private.h [code]Common, private definitions for astobj2
astobj2_rbtree.c [code]RBTree functions implementing astobj2 containers
astosp.h [code]Open Settlement Protocol (OSP)
audiohook.c [code]Audiohooks Architecture
audiohook.h [code]Audiohooks Architecture
autochan.c [code]"smart" channels
autochan.h [code]"smart" channels that update automatically if a channel is masqueraded
autoservice.c [code]Automatic channel service routines
backtrace.c [code]Asterisk backtrace generation
backtrace.h [code]Asterisk backtrace generation
beep.h [code]Periodic beeps into the audio of a call
bridge.c [code]Bridging API
bridge.h [code]Bridging API
bridge_after.c [code]After Bridge Execution API
bridge_after.h [code]After Bridge Execution API
bridge_basic.c [code]Basic bridge class. It is a subclass of struct ast_bridge
bridge_basic.h [code]Basic bridge subclass API
bridge_builtin_features.c [code]Built in bridging features
bridge_builtin_interval_features.c [code]Built in bridging interval features
bridge_channel.c [code]Bridging Channel API
bridge_channel.h [code]
bridge_channel_internal.h [code]Private Bridging Channel API
bridge_features.h [code]Channel Bridging API
bridge_holding.c [code]Bridging technology for storing channels in a bridge for the purpose of holding, parking, queues, and other such states where a channel may need to be in a bridge but not actually communicating with anything
bridge_internal.h [code]Private Bridging API
bridge_native_dahdi.c [code]Native DAHDI bridging support
bridge_native_dahdi.h [code]Native DAHDI bridging support
bridge_native_rtp.c [code]Native RTP bridging technology module
bridge_roles.c [code]Channel Bridging Roles API
bridge_roles.h [code]Channel Bridging Roles API
bridge_simple.c [code]Simple two channel bridging module
bridge_softmix.c [code]Multi-party software based channel mixing
bridge_technology.h [code]Channel Bridging API
bsynz.c [code]
bt_close.c [code]
bt_conv.c [code]
bt_debug.c [code]
bt_delete.c [code]
bt_get.c [code]
bt_open.c [code]
bt_overflow.c [code]
bt_page.c [code]
bt_put.c [code]
bt_search.c [code]
bt_seq.c [code]
bt_split.c [code]
bt_utils.c [code]
btree.h [code]
bucket.c [code]Bucket File API
bucket.h [code]Bucket File API
buildinfo.c [code]Build timestamp variables
buildinfo.h [code] [code]
calendar.h [code]A general API for managing calendar events with Asterisk
callerid.c [code]CallerID Generation support
callerid.h [code]CallerID (and other GR30) management and generation Includes code and algorithms from the Zapata library
causes.h [code]Internal Asterisk hangup causes
ccss.c [code]Call Completion Supplementary Services implementation
ccss.h [code]Call Completion Supplementary Services API
cdefs.h [code]
cdr.c [code]Call Detail Record API
cdr.h [code]Call Detail Record API
cdr_adaptive_odbc.c [code]Adaptive ODBC CDR backend
cdr_csv.c [code]Comma Separated Value CDR records
cdr_custom.c [code]Custom Comma Separated Value CDR records
cdr_manager.c [code]Asterisk Call Manager CDR records
cdr_mysql.c [code]MySQL CDR backend
cdr_odbc.c [code]ODBC CDR Backend
cdr_pgsql.c [code]PostgreSQL CDR logger
cdr_radius.c [code]RADIUS CDR Support
cdr_sqlite.c [code]Store CDR records in a SQLite database
cdr_sqlite3_custom.c [code]Custom SQLite3 CDR records
cdr_syslog.c [code]Syslog CDR logger
cdr_tds.c [code]FreeTDS CDR logger
cel.c [code]Channel Event Logging API
cel.h [code]Call Event Logging API
cel_custom.c [code]Custom Comma Separated Value CEL records
cel_manager.c [code]Asterisk Channel Event records
cel_odbc.c [code]ODBC CEL backend
cel_pgsql.c [code]PostgreSQL CEL logger
cel_radius.c [code]RADIUS CEL Support
cel_sqlite3_custom.c [code]Custom SQLite3 CEL records
cel_tds.c [code]FreeTDS CEL logger
celt.h [code]CELT Format Attributes
chan_alsa.c [code]ALSA sound card channel driver
chan_bridge_media.c [code]Bridge Media Channels driver
chan_console.c [code]Cross-platform console channel driver
chan_dahdi.c [code]DAHDI for Pseudo TDM
chan_dahdi.h [code]DAHDI internal API definitions
chan_iax2.c [code]Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange Version 2 as specified in RFC 5456
chan_mgcp.c [code]Implementation of Media Gateway Control Protocol
chan_misdn.c [code]Chan_misdn channel driver for Asterisk
chan_misdn_config.h [code]Interface to mISDN - Config
chan_mobile.c [code]Bluetooth Mobile Device channel driver
chan_motif.c [code]Motif Jingle Channel Driver
chan_nbs.c [code]Network broadcast sound support channel driver
chan_ooh323.c [code]
chan_ooh323.h [code]
chan_oss.c [code]Channel driver for OSS sound cards
chan_phone.c [code]Generic Linux Telephony Interface driver
chan_phone.h [code]8-bit raw data
chan_pjsip.c [code]PSJIP SIP Channel Driver
chan_pjsip.h [code]PJSIP Channel Driver shared data structures
chan_rtp.c [code]RTP (Multicast and Unicast) Media Channel
chan_sip.c [code]Implementation of Session Initiation Protocol
chan_skinny.c [code]Implementation of the Skinny protocol
chan_unistim.c [code]Chan_unistim channel driver for Asterisk
channel.c [code]Channel Management
channel.h [code]General Asterisk PBX channel definitions
channel_internal.h [code]Internal channel functions for channel.c to use
channel_internal_api.c [code]Channel Accessor API
channelstate.h [code]Channel states
chanvars.c [code]Channel Variables
chanvars.h [code]Channel Variables
chanwr.c [code]
chared.c [code]
chared.h [code]
check_expr.c [code]
circ-queue.h [code]
main/cli.c [code]Standard Command Line Interface
res/ari/cli.c [code]Command line for ARI
cli.h [code]Standard Command Line Interface
clicompat.c [code]
code.c [code]
codec.c [code]Codecs API
codec.h [code]Codec API
codec_a_mu.c [code]Codec_a_mu.c - translate between alaw and ulaw directly
codec_adpcm.c [code]Codec_adpcm.c - translate between signed linear and Dialogic ADPCM
codec_alaw.c [code]Codec_alaw.c - translate between signed linear and alaw
codec_builtin.c [code]Built-in supported codecs
codec_dahdi.c [code]Translate between various formats natively through DAHDI transcoding
codec_g722.c [code]Codec_g722.c - translate between signed linear and ITU G.722-64kbps
codec_g726.c [code]Codec_g726.c - translate between signed linear and ITU G.726-32kbps (both RFC3551 and AAL2 codeword packing)
codec_gsm.c [code]Translate between signed linear and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
codec_ilbc.c [code]Translate between signed linear and Internet Low Bitrate Codec
codec_lpc10.c [code]Translate between signed linear and LPC10 (Linear Predictor Code)
codec_pref.c [code]Media Format Bitfield Compatibility API
codec_pref.h [code]Media Format Bitfield Compatibility API
codec_resample.c [code]Resample slinear audio
codec_speex.c [code]Translate between signed linear and Speex (Open Codec)
codec_ulaw.c [code]Codec_ulaw.c - translate between signed linear and ulaw
command.c [code]Stasis application command support
command.h [code]Internal API for the Stasis application commands
commits.h [code]
common.c [code]
include/asterisk/compat.h [code]General Definitions for Asterisk top level program Included by asterisk.h to handle platform-specific issues especially those related to header files
include/solaris-compat/compat.h [code]
utils/db1-ast/include/compat.h [code]
compiler.h [code]Compiler-specific macros and other items
conf2ael.c [code]
conf_chan_announce.c [code]ConfBridge announcer channel driver
conf_chan_record.c [code]ConfBridge recorder channel driver
conf_config_parser.c [code]ConfBridge config parser
conf_state.c [code]Confbridge state handling
conf_state.h [code]Confbridge state handling
conf_state_empty.c [code]Confbridge state handling for the EMPTY state
conf_state_inactive.c [code]Confbridge state handling for the INACTIVE state
conf_state_multi.c [code]Confbridge state handling for the MULTI state
conf_state_multi_marked.c [code]Confbridge state handling for the MULTI_MARKED state
conf_state_single.c [code]Confbridge state handling for the SINGLE state
conf_state_single_marked.c [code]Confbridge state handling for the SINGLE_MARKED state
confbridge.h [code]
confbridge_manager.c [code]Confbridge manager events for stasis messages
main/config.c [code]Configuration File Parser
res/ari/config.c [code]Config framework stuffz for ARI
codecs/gsm/inc/config.h [code]
include/asterisk/config.h [code]Configuration File Parser
config_auth.c [code]
config_domain_aliases.c [code]
config_global.c [code]
config_options.c [code]Configuration Option-handling
config_options.h [code]Configuration option-handling
config_parser.c [code]Sip config parsing functions and unit tests
config_parser.h [code]Sip.conf parser header file
config_system.c [code]
config_transport.c [code]
console_board.c [code]
console_gui.c [code]
console_video.c [code]
console_video.h [code]
constants.c [code]
constants.h [code]
control.c [code]Stasis application control support
control.h [code]Internal API for the Stasis application controller
core_local.c [code]Local proxy channel driver
core_local.h [code]Local proxy channel special access
core_unreal.c [code]Unreal channel derivatives framework for channel drivers like local channels
core_unreal.h [code]Unreal channel derivative framework
createCB.c [code]
createCB.h [code]
crypt.c [code]Asterisk wrapper for crypt(3)
crypto.h [code]Provide cryptographic signature routines
cygload.c [code]Loader for Asterisk under Cygwin/windows. Open the dll, locate main, run [code]
data.c [code]Data retrieval API
data.h [code]Data retrieval API
datastore.c [code]Asterisk datastore objects
datastore.h [code]Asterisk datastore objects
main/db.c [code]ASTdb Management
utils/db1-ast/db/db.c [code]
db.h [code]
dcbias.c [code]
debug.c [code]
gsm/src/decode.c [code]
lpc10/decode.c [code]
deemp.c [code]
devicestate.c [code]Device state management
devicestate.h [code]Device state management
dial.c [code]Dialing API
dial.h [code]Dialing API
dialog.h [code]Sip dialog management header file
pjsip/dialplan_functions.c [code]PJSIP channel dialplan functions
sip/dialplan_functions.c [code]Sip channel dialplan functions and unit tests
pjsip/include/dialplan_functions.h [code]PJSIP dialplan functions header file
sip/include/dialplan_functions.h [code]SIP dialplan functions header file
difmag.c [code]
dlinkedlists.h [code]A set of macros to manage doubly-linked lists
dns.c [code]DNS Support for Asterisk
dns.h [code]DNS support for Asterisk
dns_core.c [code]Core DNS Functionality
dns_core.h [code]Core DNS API
dns_internal.h [code]Internal DNS structure definitions
dns_naptr.c [code]DNS NAPTR Record Support
dns_naptr.h [code]DNS NAPTR Record Parsing API
dns_query_set.c [code]DNS Query Set API
dns_query_set.h [code]DNS Query Set API
dns_recurring.c [code]DNS Recurring Query Support
dns_recurring.h [code]DNS Recurring Resolution API
dns_resolver.h [code]DNS Resolver API
dns_srv.c [code]DNS SRV Record Support
dns_srv.h [code]DNS SRV Record Parsing API
dns_test.c [code]
dns_test.h [code]
dns_tlsa.c [code]DNS TLSA Record Support
dns_tlsa.h [code]DNS TLSA Record Parsing API
dnsmgr.c [code]Background DNS update manager
dnsmgr.h [code]Background DNS update manager
doCPLC.c [code]
doCPLC.h [code]
doxyref.h [code]
dsp.c [code]Convenience Signal Processing routines
dsp.h [code]Convenient Signal Processing routines
dundi-parser.c [code]Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi)
dundi-parser.h [code]
dundi.h [code]Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi) See also
dyptrk.c [code] [code]
eagi-sphinx-test.c [code]
eagi-test.c [code]
eagi_proxy.c [code]
ecdisa.h [code]
el.c [code]
el.h [code]
emacs.c [code]
encode.c [code]
endian.h [code]Asterisk architecture endianess compatibility definitions
endpoints.c [code]Asterisk endpoint API
endpoints.h [code]Endpoint abstractions
energy.c [code]
enhancer.c [code]
enhancer.h [code]
enter.h [code]
enum.c [code]ENUM Support for Asterisk
enum.h [code]DNS and ENUM functions
cdr/ [code]
config/ [code]
voicemail/ [code]
event.c [code]Internal generic event system
event.h [code]
event_defs.h [code]Generic event system
ex_adpcm.h [code]4-bit ADPCM data
ex_alaw.h [code]8-bit data
ex_g722.h [code]8-bit data
ex_g726.h [code]4-bit G.726 data
ex_gsm.h [code]8-bit raw data
ex_ilbc.h [code]Raw 8-bit data
ex_lpc10.h [code]Copyright (C) 2008, Digium, Inc
ex_speex.h [code]Random Data
ex_ulaw.h [code]8-bit data
extconf.c [code]
extconf.h [code]External configuration handlers (realtime and static configuration)
btree/extern.h [code]
hash/extern.h [code]
recno/extern.h [code]
f2c.h [code]
f2clib.c [code]
features.c [code]Routines implementing call features as call pickup, parking and transfer
features.h [code]Call Parking and Pickup API Includes code and algorithms from the Zapata library
features_config.c [code]
features_config.h [code]
fgetln.c [code]
file.c [code]Generic File Format Support
file.h [code]Generic File Format Support. Should be included by clients of the file handling routines. File service providers should instead include mod_format.h
filter.c [code]
filter.h [code]
firmware.c [code]IAX Firmware Support
firmware.h [code]IAX Firmware Support header file
fixed_generic.h [code]Generic fixed-point operations
fixedjitterbuf.c [code]Jitterbuffering algorithm
fixedjitterbuf.h [code]Jitterbuffering algorithm
format.c [code]Media Format API
format.h [code]Media Format API
format_cache.c [code]Media Format Cache API
format_cache.h [code]Media Format Cache API
format_cap.c [code]Format Capabilities API
format_cap.h [code]Format Capabilities API
channels/iax2/format_compatibility.c [code]Media Format Bitfield Compatibility API
main/format_compatibility.c [code]Media Format Bitfield Compatibility API
channels/iax2/include/format_compatibility.h [code]Media Format Bitfield Compatibility API
include/asterisk/format_compatibility.h [code]Media Format Bitfield Compatibility API
format_g719.c [code]ITU G.719 , 64kbps bitrate only
format_g723.c [code]Old-style G.723.1 frame/timestamp format
format_g726.c [code]Headerless G.726 (16/24/32/40kbps) data format for Asterisk
format_g729.c [code]Save to raw, headerless G729 data
format_gsm.c [code]Save to raw, headerless GSM data
format_h263.c [code]Save to raw, headerless h263 data
format_h264.c [code]Save to raw, headerless h264 data
format_ilbc.c [code]Save to raw, headerless iLBC data
format_jpeg.c [code]JPEG File format support
format_mp3.c [code]MP3 Format Handler
format_ogg_vorbis.c [code]OGG/Vorbis streams
format_pcm.c [code]Flat, binary, ulaw PCM file format
format_siren14.c [code]ITU G.722.1 Annex C (Siren14, licensed from Polycom) format, 48kbps bitrate only
format_siren7.c [code]ITU G.722.1 (Siren7, licensed from Polycom) format, 32kbps bitrate only
format_sln.c [code]RAW SLINEAR Formats
format_vox.c [code]Flat, binary, ADPCM vox file format
format_wav.c [code]Work with WAV in the proprietary Microsoft format. Microsoft WAV format (8000hz Signed Linear)
format_wav_gsm.c [code]Save GSM in the proprietary Microsoft format
main/frame.c [code]Frame and codec manipulation routines
utils/frame.c [code]
include/asterisk/frame.h [code]Asterisk internal frame definitions
utils/frame.h [code]
FrameClassify.c [code]
FrameClassify.h [code]
framehook.c [code]FrameHooks Architecture
framehook.h [code]FrameHook Architecture
fskmodem.c [code]FSK Modem Support
fskmodem.h [code]FSK Modem Support
fskmodem_float.c [code]FSK Modulator/Demodulator
fskmodem_float.h [code]FSK Modem Support
fskmodem_int.c [code]FSK Modulator/Demodulator
fskmodem_int.h [code]FSK Modem Support
func_aes.c [code]AES encryption/decryption dialplan functions
func_audiohookinherit.c [code]Audiohook inheritance function
func_base64.c [code]Use the base64 as functions
func_blacklist.c [code]Function to lookup the callerid number, and see if it is blacklisted
func_callcompletion.c [code]Call Completion Supplementary Services implementation
func_callerid.c [code]Party ID related dialplan functions (Caller-ID, Connected-line, Redirecting)
func_cdr.c [code]Call Detail Record related dialplan functions
func_channel.c [code]Channel info dialplan functions
func_config.c [code]A function to retrieve variables from an Asterisk configuration file
func_curl.c [code]Curl - Load a URL
func_cut.c [code]CUT function
func_db.c [code]Functions for interaction with the Asterisk database
func_devstate.c [code]Manually controlled blinky lights
func_dialgroup.c [code]Dial group dialplan function
func_dialplan.c [code]Dialplan group functions check if a dialplan entry exists
func_enum.c [code]ENUM Functions
func_env.c [code]Environment related dialplan functions
func_extstate.c [code]Get the state of a hinted extension for dialplan control
func_frame_trace.c [code]Trace internal ast_frames on a channel
func_global.c [code]Global variable dialplan functions
func_groupcount.c [code]Channel group related dialplan functions
func_hangupcause.c [code]Functions related to retreiving per-channel hangupcause information
func_iconv.c [code]Charset conversions
func_jitterbuffer.c [code]Put a jitterbuffer on the read side of a channel
func_lock.c [code]Dialplan mutexes
func_logic.c [code]Conditional logic dialplan functions
func_math.c [code]Math related dialplan function
func_md5.c [code]MD5 digest related dialplan functions
func_module.c [code]Simple module check function
func_odbc.c [code]ODBC lookups
func_periodic_hook.c [code]Periodic dialplan hooks
func_pitchshift.c [code]Pitch Shift Audio Effect
func_pjsip_aor.c [code]Get information about a PJSIP AOR
func_pjsip_contact.c [code]Get information about a PJSIP contact
func_pjsip_endpoint.c [code]Get information about a PJSIP endpoint
func_presencestate.c [code]Custom presence provider
func_rand.c [code]Generate Random Number
func_realtime.c [code]REALTIME dialplan function
func_sha1.c [code]SHA1 digest related dialplan functions
func_shell.c [code]
func_sorcery.c [code]Get a field from a sorcery object
func_speex.c [code]Noise reduction and automatic gain control (AGC)
func_sprintf.c [code]String manipulation dialplan functions
func_srv.c [code]SRV Functions
func_strings.c [code]String manipulation dialplan functions
func_sysinfo.c [code]
func_talkdetect.c [code]Function that raises events when talking is detected on a channel
func_timeout.c [code]Channel timeout related dialplan functions
func_uri.c [code]URI encoding / decoding
func_version.c [code]Return the current Version strings
func_vmcount.c [code]VMCOUNT dialplan function
func_volume.c [code]Technology independent volume control
g722.h [code]
g722_decode.c [code]
g722_encode.c [code]
gainquant.c [code]
gainquant.h [code] [code]
getCBvec.c [code]
getCBvec.h [code]
global_datastores.c [code]Globally-accessible datastore information and callbacks
global_datastores.h [code]Globally accessible channel datastores
globals.h [code]Sip global declaration header file
gsm.h [code]
gsm_create.c [code]
gsm_decode.c [code]
gsm_destroy.c [code]
gsm_encode.c [code]
gsm_explode.c [code]
gsm_implode.c [code]
gsm_option.c [code]
gsm_print.c [code]
ham84.c [code]
hash.c [code]
hash.h [code]
hash_bigkey.c [code]
hash_buf.c [code]
hash_func.c [code]
hash_log2.c [code]
hash_page.c [code]
hashtab.c [code]Code to implement generic hash tables
hashtab.h [code]Generic (perhaps overly so) hashtable implementation Hash Table support in Asterisk
heap.c [code]Max Heap data structure
heap.h [code]Max Heap data structure
helpfun.c [code]
helpfun.h [code]
hist.c [code]
hist.h [code]
histedit.h [code]
history.c [code]
hp100.c [code]
hpInput.c [code]
hpInput.h [code]
hpOutput.c [code]
hpOutput.h [code]
hsearch.c [code]
http.c [code]Http server for AMI access
http.h [code]Support for Private Asterisk HTTP Servers
http_websocket.h [code]Support for WebSocket connections within the Asterisk HTTP server and client WebSocket connections to a server
iax2.h [code]Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange, version 2 iax2-parserc iax2-parserh chan_iax2.c
iCBConstruct.c [code]
iCBConstruct.h [code]
iCBSearch.c [code]
iCBSearch.h [code]
ie.c [code]Interface to mISDN
iLBC_decode.c [code]
iLBC_decode.h [code]
iLBC_define.h [code]
iLBC_encode.c [code]
iLBC_encode.h [code]
iLBC_test.c [code]
image.c [code]Image Management
image.h [code]General Asterisk channel definitions for image handling
indications.c [code]Indication Tone Handling
indications.h [code]Tone Indication Support
inline_api.h [code]Inlinable API function macro
internal.h [code]Internal API's for res_ari
invert.c [code]
io.c [code]I/O Managment (Derived from Cheops-NG)
io.h [code]I/O Management (derived from Cheops-NG)
irc2pc.c [code]
isdn_lib.c [code]Interface to mISDN
isdn_lib.h [code]Interface to mISDN
isdn_lib_intern.h [code]
isdn_msg_parser.c [code]Interface to mISDN - message parser
ivfilt.c [code]
jitterbuf.c [code]Jitterbuf: an application-independent jitterbuffer
jitterbuf.h [code]Jitterbuf: an application-independent jitterbuffer jitterbuf.c
json.c [code]JSON abstraction layer
json.h [code]Asterisk JSON abstraction layer
k6opt.h [code]
key.c [code]
key.h [code]
leave.h [code]
libasteriskssl.c [code]Common OpenSSL support code
licensing.h [code]
linkedlists.h [code]A set of macros to manage forward-linked lists
loader.c [code]Module Loader
localtime.c [code]
localtime.h [code]Custom localtime functions for multiple timezones
location.c [code]
lock.c [code]General Asterisk locking
lock.h [code]Asterisk locking-related definitions:
  • ast_mutex_t, ast_rwlock_t and related functions;
  • atomic arithmetic instructions;
  • wrappers for channel locking
log2comp.h [code]Log2comp.h - various base 2 log computation versions
logger.c [code]Asterisk Logger
logger.h [code]Support for logging to various files, console and syslog Configuration in file logger.conf
long_term.c [code]
lpc.c [code]
lpc10.h [code]
lpcdec.c [code]
LPCdecode.c [code]
LPCdecode.h [code]
lpcenc.c [code]
LPCencode.c [code]
LPCencode.h [code]
lpcini.c [code]
lpfilt.c [code]
lsf.c [code]
lsf.h [code] [code]
manager.c [code]The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI
manager.h [code]The AMI - Asterisk Manager Interface - is a TCP protocol created to manage Asterisk with third-party software
manager_bridges.c [code]The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI (bridge event handling)
manager_channels.c [code]The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI (channel event handling)
manager_endpoints.c [code]The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI (endpoint handling)
manager_mwi.c [code]The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI (MWI event handling)
manager_system.c [code]System AMI event handling
map.c [code]
map.h [code]
md5.c [code]MD5 checksum routines used for authentication. Not covered by GPL, but in the public domain as per the copyright below
md5.h [code]MD5 digest functions
media_index.c [code]Sound file format and description indexer
media_index.h [code]Media file format and description indexing engine
median.c [code]
message.c [code]Out-of-call text message support
message.h [code]Out-of-call text message support
messaging.c [code]Stasis out-of-call text message support
messaging.h [code]Stasis out-of-call text message support
misdn_config.c [code]Chan_misdn configuration management
mixmonitor.c [code]Loadable MixMonitor functionality
mixmonitor.h [code]Loadable MixMonitor functionality
mload.c [code]
mod_format.h [code]Header for providers of file and format handling routines. Clients of these routines should include "asterisk/file.h" instead
module.h [code]Asterisk module definitions
monitor.h [code]Channel monitoring
mpool.c [code]
mpool.h [code]
msgsm.h [code]
musiconhold.h [code]Music on hold handling
muted.c [code]Mute Daemon
named_acl.c [code]Named Access Control Lists
ndbm.c [code]
ndbm.h [code]
netsock.c [code]Network socket handling
netsock.h [code]Network socket handling
netsock2.c [code]Network socket handling
netsock2.h [code]Network socket handling
network.h [code]Wrapper for network related headers, masking differences between various operating systems. On passing, we also provide here trivial functions or other simple wrappers to network-related functions [code]
onset.c [code]
ooh323cDriver.c [code]
ooh323cDriver.h [code]
optional_api.c [code]
optional_api.h [code]Optional API function macros
options.h [code]Options provided by main asterisk program
opus.h [code]Opus Format Attributes (
packing.c [code]
packing.h [code]
page.h [code]
parking.c [code]Parking Core
parking.h [code]Call Parking API
parking_applications.c [code]Call Parking Applications
parking_bridge.c [code]Parking Bridge Class
parking_bridge_features.c [code]Parking Bridge DTMF and Interval features
parking_controller.c [code]Parking Entry, Exit, and other assorted controls
parking_devicestate.c [code]Call Parking Device State Management
parking_manager.c [code]Call Parking Manager Actions and Events
parking_tests.c [code]Call Parking Unit Tests
parking_ui.c [code]Call Parking CLI commands
parse.c [code]
parse.h [code]
parser.c [code]Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol, v 2
parser.h [code]Implementation of the IAX2 protocol
paths.h [code]Asterisk file paths, configured in asterisk.conf
pbx.c [code]Core PBX routines
pbx.h [code]Core PBX routines and definitions
pbx_ael.c [code]Compile symbolic Asterisk Extension Logic into Asterisk extensions, version 2
pbx_config.c [code]Populate and remember extensions from static config file
pbx_dundi.c [code]Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi)
pbx_loopback.c [code]Loopback PBX Module
pbx_lua.c [code]Lua PBX Switch
pbx_realtime.c [code]Realtime PBX Module
pbx_spool.c [code]Full-featured outgoing call spool support
phoneprov.h [code]
pickup.c [code]Routines implementing call pickup
pickup.h [code]Call Pickup API
pitsyn.c [code]
pjsip_cli.c [code]
pjsip_configuration.c [code]
pjsip_distributor.c [code]
pjsip_global_headers.c [code]
pjsip_options.c [code]
pjsip_outbound_auth.c [code]
pktccops.h [code]PacketCable COPS
placea.c [code]
placev.c [code]
plc.c [code]SpanDSP - a series of DSP components for telephony
plc.h [code]SpanDSP - a series of DSP components for telephony
poll-compat.h [code]
poll.c [code]
portinfo.c [code]Interface to mISDN - port info [code]
preemp.c [code]
prepro.c [code]
preprocess.c [code]
presence_xml.c [code]
presencestate.c [code]Presence state management
presencestate.h [code]Presence state management
privacy.c [code]Privacy Routines
privacy.h [code]Persistant data storage (akin to *doze registry)
codecs/gsm/inc/private.h [code]
main/stdtime/private.h [code]
prompt.c [code]
prompt.h [code]
proto.h [code]
provision.c [code]IAX Provisioning Protocol
provision.h [code]IAX2 Provisioning protocol
pval.c [code]Compile symbolic Asterisk Extension Logic into Asterisk extensions, version 2
pval.h [code]
queue.h [code]
random.c [code]
rawplayer.c [code]
rcchk.c [code]
read.c [code]
read.h [code]
readline.c [code]
readline.h [code]
rec_close.c [code]
rec_delete.c [code]
rec_get.c [code]
rec_open.c [code]
rec_put.c [code]
rec_search.c [code]
rec_seq.c [code]
rec_utils.c [code]
recno.h [code] [code]
refresh.c [code]
refresh.h [code]
releases.h [code]
reqresp_parser.c [code]Sip request parsing functions and unit tests
reqresp_parser.h [code]Sip request response parser header file
res_adsi.c [code]ADSI support
res_ael_share.c [code]Shareable AEL code -- mainly between internal and external modules
res_agi.c [code]AGI - the Asterisk Gateway Interface
res_ari.c [code]HTTP binding for the Stasis API
res_ari_applications.c [code]Stasis application resources
res_ari_asterisk.c [code]Asterisk resources
res_ari_bridges.c [code]Bridge resources
res_ari_channels.c [code]Channel resources
res_ari_device_states.c [code]Device state resources
res_ari_endpoints.c [code]Endpoint resources
res_ari_events.c [code]WebSocket resource
res_ari_mailboxes.c [code]Mailboxes resources
res_ari_model.c [code]Implementation Swagger validators
res_ari_playbacks.c [code]Playback control resources
res_ari_recordings.c [code]Recording resources
res_ari_sounds.c [code]Sound resources
res_calendar.c [code]Calendaring API
res_calendar_caldav.c [code]Resource for handling CalDAV calendars
res_calendar_ews.c [code]Resource for handling MS Exchange Web Service calendars
res_calendar_exchange.c [code]Resource for handling MS Exchange calendars
res_calendar_icalendar.c [code]Resource for handling iCalendar calendars
res_chan_stats.c [code]
res_clialiases.c [code]CLI Aliases
res_clioriginate.c [code]Originate calls via the CLI
res_config_curl.c [code]Curl plugin for portable configuration engine
res_config_ldap.c [code]LDAP plugin for portable configuration engine (ARA)
res_config_mysql.c [code]MySQL CDR backend
res_config_odbc.c [code]Odbc+odbc plugin for portable configuration engine
res_config_pgsql.c [code]PostgreSQL plugin for Asterisk RealTime Architecture
res_config_sqlite.c [code]Res_config_sqlite module
res_config_sqlite3.c [code]SQLite 3 configuration engine
res_convert.c [code]File format conversion CLI command using Asterisk formats and translators
res_corosync.c [code]
res_crypto.c [code]Provide Cryptographic Signature capability
res_curl.c [code]Curl resource engine
res_fax.c [code]Generic FAX Resource for FAX technology resource modules
res_fax.h [code]
res_fax_spandsp.c [code]Spandsp T.38 and G.711 FAX Resource
res_format_attr_celt.c [code]CELT format attribute interface
res_format_attr_h263.c [code]H.263 Format Attribute Module
res_format_attr_h264.c [code]H.264 Format Attribute Module
res_format_attr_opus.c [code]Opus format attribute interface
res_format_attr_silk.c [code]SILK format attribute interface
res_hep.c [code]Routines for integration with Homer using HEPv3
res_hep.h [code]Routines for integration with Homer using HEPv3
res_hep_pjsip.c [code]PJSIP logging with Homer
res_hep_rtcp.c [code]RTCP logging with Homer
res_http_post.c [code]HTTP POST upload support for Asterisk HTTP server
res_http_websocket.c [code]WebSocket support for the Asterisk internal HTTP server
res_limit.c [code]Resource limits
res_manager_devicestate.c [code]
res_manager_presencestate.c [code]
res_monitor.c [code]PBX channel monitoring
res_musiconhold.c [code]Routines implementing music on hold
res_mutestream.c [code]MUTESTREAM audiohooks
res_mwi_external.c [code]Core external MWI support
res_mwi_external.h [code]Core external MWI support
res_mwi_external_ami.c [code]AMI wrapper for external MWI
res_odbc.c [code]ODBC resource manager
res_odbc.h [code]ODBC resource manager
res_parking.c [code]Call Parking Resource
res_parking.h [code]Call Parking Resource Internal API
res_phoneprov.c [code]Phone provisioning application for the asterisk internal http server
res_pjsip.c [code]
res_pjsip.h [code]
res_pjsip_acl.c [code]
res_pjsip_authenticator_digest.c [code]
res_pjsip_body_generator_types.h [code]
res_pjsip_caller_id.c [code]
res_pjsip_cli.h [code]
res_pjsip_config_wizard.c [code]PJSIP Configuration Wizard
res_pjsip_dialog_info_body_generator.c [code]
res_pjsip_diversion.c [code]
res_pjsip_dlg_options.c [code]
res_pjsip_dtmf_info.c [code]
res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_anonymous.c [code]
res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ip.c [code]
res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_user.c [code]
res_pjsip_exten_state.c [code]
res_pjsip_header_funcs.c [code]
res_pjsip_keepalive.c [code]
res_pjsip_log_forwarder.c [code]Bridge PJSIP logging to Asterisk logging
res_pjsip_logger.c [code]
res_pjsip_messaging.c [code]
res_pjsip_multihomed.c [code]
res_pjsip_mwi.c [code]
res_pjsip_mwi_body_generator.c [code]
res_pjsip_nat.c [code]
res_pjsip_notify.c [code]
res_pjsip_one_touch_record_info.c [code]
res_pjsip_outbound_authenticator_digest.c [code]
res_pjsip_outbound_publish.c [code]
res_pjsip_outbound_publish.h [code]
res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c [code]
res_pjsip_path.c [code]
res_pjsip_phoneprov_provider.c [code]PJSIP Phoneprov Configuration Provider
res_pjsip_pidf_body_generator.c [code]
res_pjsip_pidf_digium_body_supplement.c [code]
res_pjsip_pidf_eyebeam_body_supplement.c [code]
res_pjsip_presence_xml.h [code]
res_pjsip_private.h [code]
res_pjsip_publish_asterisk.c [code]
res_pjsip_pubsub.c [code]
res_pjsip_pubsub.h [code]
res_pjsip_refer.c [code]
res_pjsip_registrar.c [code]
res_pjsip_registrar_expire.c [code]
res_pjsip_rfc3326.c [code]
res_pjsip_sdp_rtp.c [code]SIP SDP media stream handling
res_pjsip_send_to_voicemail.c [code]Module for managing send to voicemail requests in SIP REFER messages against PJSIP channels
res_pjsip_session.c [code]
res_pjsip_session.h [code]
res_pjsip_sips_contact.c [code]
res_pjsip_t38.c [code]SIP T.38 handling
res_pjsip_transport_websocket.c [code]
res_pjsip_xpidf_body_generator.c [code]
res_pktccops.c [code]PacketCable COPS
res_realtime.c [code]RealTime CLI
res_resolver_unbound.c [code]
res_rtp_asterisk.c [code]Supports RTP and RTCP with Symmetric RTP support for NAT traversal
res_rtp_multicast.c [code]Multicast RTP Engine
res_security_log.c [code]Security Event Logging
res_smdi.c [code]SMDI support for Asterisk
res_snmp.c [code]SNMP Agent / SubAgent support for Asterisk
res_sorcery_astdb.c [code]Sorcery Astdb Object Wizard
res_sorcery_config.c [code]Sorcery Configuration File Object Wizard
res_sorcery_memory.c [code]Sorcery In-Memory Object Wizard
res_sorcery_realtime.c [code]Sorcery Realtime Object Wizard
res_speech.c [code]Generic Speech Recognition API
res_srtp.c [code]Secure RTP (SRTP)
res_srtp.h [code]SRTP resource
res_stasis.c [code]Stasis application support
res_stasis_answer.c [code]Stasis application control support
res_stasis_device_state.c [code]
res_stasis_mailbox.c [code]
res_stasis_playback.c [code]Res_stasis playback support
res_stasis_recording.c [code]Res_stasis recording support
res_stasis_snoop.c [code]Stasis application snoop control support
res_stasis_test.c [code]
res_statsd.c [code]
res_stun_monitor.c [code]STUN Network Monitor
res_timing_dahdi.c [code]DAHDI timing interface
res_timing_kqueue.c [code]Kqueue timing interface
res_timing_pthread.c [code]Pthread timing interface
res_timing_timerfd.c [code]Timerfd timing interface
res_xmpp.c [code]XMPP client and component module
resample.c [code]
resample_sse.h [code]Resampler functions (SSE version)
resource_applications.c [code]/api-docs/applications.{format} implementation - Stasis application resources
resource_applications.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_applications.c
resource_asterisk.c [code]Implementation for ARI stubs
resource_asterisk.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_asterisk.c
resource_bridges.c [code]Implementation for ARI stubs
resource_bridges.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_bridges.c
resource_channels.c [code]Implementation for ARI stubs
resource_channels.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_channels.c
resource_device_states.c [code]/api-docs/deviceStates.{format} implementation- Device state resources
resource_device_states.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_deviceStates.c
resource_endpoints.c [code]/api-docs/endpoints.{format} implementation- Endpoint resources
resource_endpoints.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_endpoints.c
resource_events.c [code]/api-docs/events.{format} implementation- WebSocket resource
resource_events.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_events.c
resource_mailboxes.c [code]/api-docs/mailboxes.{format} implementation- Mailboxes resources
resource_mailboxes.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_mailboxes.c
resource_playbacks.c [code]/api-docs/playbacks.{format} implementation- Playback control resources
resource_playbacks.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_playbacks.c
resource_recordings.c [code]/api-docs/recordings.{format} implementation- Recording resources
resource_recordings.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_recordings.c
resource_sounds.c [code]/api-docs/sounds.{format} implementation- Sound resources
resource_sounds.h [code]Generated file - declares stubs to be implemented in res/ari/resource_sounds.c
reviewboard.h [code]
route.c [code]Sip_route functions
route.h [code]Sip_route header file
rpe.c [code]
rtp_engine.c [code]Pluggable RTP Architecture
rtp_engine.h [code]Pluggable RTP Architecture
say.c [code]Say numbers and dates (maybe words one day too)
say.h [code]Say numbers and dates (maybe words one day too)
sched.c [code]Scheduler Routines (from cheops-NG)
sched.h [code]Scheduler Routines (derived from cheops)
sdp_srtp.c [code]
sdp_srtp.h [code]SRTP and SDP Security descriptions
search.c [code]
main/editline/search.h [code]
utils/db1-ast/hash/search.h [code]
channels/sip/security_events.c [code]Generate security events in the SIP channel
main/security_events.c [code]Security Event Reporting Helpers
res/res_pjsip/security_events.c [code]Generate security events in the PJSIP channel
channels/sip/include/security_events.h [code]Generate security events in the SIP channel
include/asterisk/security_events.h [code]Security Event Reporting API
security_events_defs.h [code]Security Event Reporting Data Structures
select.h [code]Bitfield expansions for ast_select
sem.c [code]Asterisk semaphore support
sem.h [code]
sha1.c [code]Based on the RFC 6234
sha1.h [code]
short_term.c [code]
sig.c [code]
sig.h [code]
sig_analog.c [code]Analog signaling module
sig_analog.h [code]Interface header for analog signaling module
sig_pri.c [code]PRI signaling module
sig_pri.h [code]Interface header for PRI signaling module
sig_ss7.c [code]SS7 signaling module
sig_ss7.h [code]Interface header for SS7 signaling module
silk.h [code]SILK Format Attributes
sip.h [code]Chan_sip header file
sip_api.c [code]
sip_api.h [code] [code]
sip_utils.h [code]Sip utils header file
slin.h [code]
slinfactory.c [code]A machine to gather up arbitrary frames and convert them to raw slinear on demand
slinfactory.h [code]A machine to gather up arbitrary frames and convert them to raw slinear on demand
smdi.h [code]SMDI support for Asterisk
smoother.c [code]Frame smoother manipulation routines
smoother.h [code]Asterisk internal frame definitions
smsq.c [code]
sorcery.c [code]Sorcery Data Access Layer API
sorcery.h [code]Sorcery Data Access Layer API
sounds_index.c [code]Sound file format and description index
sounds_index.h [code]Sound file format and description indexer
speech.h [code]Generic Speech Recognition API
speex_resampler.h [code]
spinlock.h [code]Spin Locks
srv.c [code]DNS SRV Record Lookup Support for Asterisk
srv.h [code]Support for DNS SRV records, used in to locate SIP services
stack_alloc.h [code]Temporary memory allocation on stack
stasis.c [code]Stasis Message Bus API
stasis.h [code]Stasis Message Bus API. See Stasis Message Bus API for detailed documentation
stasis_app.h [code]Stasis Application API. See Stasis Application API for detailed documentation
stasis_app_device_state.h [code]Stasis Application Device State API. See Stasis Application API" for detailed documentation
stasis_app_impl.h [code]Backend API for implementing components of res_stasis
stasis_app_mailbox.h [code]Stasis Application Mailbox API. See Stasis Application API" for detailed documentation
stasis_app_playback.h [code]Stasis Application Playback API. See Stasis Application API" for detailed documentation
stasis_app_recording.h [code]Stasis Application Recording API. See Stasis Application API" for detailed documentation
stasis_app_snoop.h [code]Stasis Application Snoop API. See Stasis Application API" for detailed documentation
stasis_bridge.c [code]Stasis bridge subclass
stasis_bridge.h [code]Internal API for the Stasis bridge subclass
stasis_bridges.c [code]Stasis Messages and Data Types for Bridge Objects
stasis_bridges.h [code]
stasis_cache.c [code]Stasis Message API
stasis_cache_pattern.c [code]Typical cache pattern for Stasis topics
stasis_cache_pattern.h [code]Caching pattern for Stasis Message Bus API topics
stasis_channels.c [code]Stasis Messages and Data Types for Channel Objects
stasis_channels.h [code]
stasis_endpoints.c [code]Stasis endpoint API
stasis_endpoints.h [code]Endpoint abstractions
stasis_internal.h [code]Internal Stasis APIs
stasis_message.c [code]Stasis Message API
stasis_message_router.c [code]Stasis message router implementation
stasis_message_router.h [code]
stasis_system.c [code]Stasis Messages and Data Types for System events
stasis_system.h [code]
stasis_test.h [code]
StateConstructW.c [code]
StateConstructW.h [code]
StateSearchW.c [code]
StateSearchW.h [code]
statsd.h [code]
stereorize.c [code]
stored.c [code]Stored file operations for Stasis
strcompat.c [code]Compatibility functions for strsep and strtoq missing on Solaris
streamplayer.c [code]A utility for reading from a raw TCP stream
stringfields.h [code]String fields in structures
strings.c [code]String manipulation API
strings.h [code]String manipulation functions
strlcat.c [code]
strlcpy.c [code]
stun.c [code]STUN Support
stun.h [code]STUN support [code]
syntFilter.c [code]
syntFilter.h [code]
synths.c [code]
sys.h [code]
syslog.c [code]Asterisk Syslog Utility Functions
syslog.h [code]Syslog support functions for Asterisk logging
table.c [code]
taskprocessor.c [code]Maintain a container of uniquely-named taskprocessor threads that can be shared across modules
taskprocessor.h [code]An API for managing task processing threads that can be shared across modules
tbdm.c [code]
tcptls.c [code]Code to support TCP and TLS server/client
tcptls.h [code]Generic support for tcp/tls servers in Asterisk
tdd.c [code]TTY/TDD Generation support
tdd.h [code]TTY/TDD Generation support
editline/term.c [code]
term.c [code]Terminal Routines
include/asterisk/term.h [code]Handy terminal functions for vt* terms
main/editline/term.h [code]
editline/TEST/test.c [code]
stdtime/test.c [code]Testing localtime functionality
test.c [code]Unit Test Framework
test.h [code]Test Framework API
test_abstract_jb.c [code]Abstract Jitterbuffer Tests
test_acl.c [code]ACL unit tests
test_amihooks.c [code]Test AMI hook
test_aoc.c [code]Generic AOC encode decode tests
test_app.c [code]App unit test
test_ari.c [code]
test_ari_model.c [code]Test the native ARI JSON validators
test_ast_format_str_reduce.c [code]Test ast_format_str_reduce
test_astobj2.c [code]Astobj2 test module
test_astobj2_thrash.c [code]
test_bucket.c [code]Bucket Unit Tests
test_callerid.c [code]Callerid Tests
test_cdr.c [code]CDR unit tests
test_cel.c [code]CEL unit tests
test_channel_feature_hooks.c [code]Channel features unit tests
test_config.c [code]Configuration unit tests
test_core_codec.c [code]Core Codec API Unit Tests
test_core_format.c [code]Core Format API Unit Tests
test_db.c [code]AstDB Unit Tests
test_devicestate.c [code]Device State Test Module
test_dlinklists.c [code]Doubly-Linked List Tests
test_dns.c [code]
test_dns_naptr.c [code]
test_dns_recurring.c [code]
test_dns_srv.c [code]
test_endpoints.c [code]
test_event.c [code]Tests for the ast_event API
test_expr.c [code]Expression Tests
test_format_cache.c [code]Format Cache API Unit Tests
test_format_cap.c [code]Format Capabilities API Unit Tests
test_func_file.c [code]Function FILE tests
test_gosub.c [code]Gosub tests
test_hashtab_thrash.c [code]
test_heap.c [code]Heap data structure test module
test_jitterbuf.c [code]Unit tests for jitterbuf.c
test_json.c [code]
test_linkedlists.c [code]Linked List Tests
test_locale.c [code]Locale Test
test_logger.c [code]Test module for the logging subsystem
test_message.c [code]Test module for out-of-call text message module
test_netsock2.c [code]Netsock2 Unit Tests
test_optional_api.c [code]
test_pbx.c [code]PBX Tests
test_poll.c [code]Poll Tests
test_res_stasis.c [code]
test_sched.c [code]Ast_sched performance test module
test_scoped_lock.c [code]SCOPED_LOCK unit tests
test_security_events.c [code]Test security event generation
test_skel.c [code]Skeleton Test
test_sorcery.c [code]Sorcery Unit Tests
test_sorcery_astdb.c [code]Sorcery Unit Tests
test_sorcery_realtime.c [code]Sorcery Unit Tests
test_stasis.c [code]
test_stasis_channels.c [code]
test_stasis_endpoints.c [code]
test_stringfields.c [code]String fields test
test_strings.c [code]Dynamic string tests
test_substitution.c [code]Substitution Test
test_taskprocessor.c [code]Taskprocessor unit tests
test_threadpool.c [code]Threadpool unit tests
test_time.c [code]Timezone tests
test_uri.c [code]URI Unit Tests
test_utils.c [code]Unit Tests for utils API
test_uuid.c [code]Universally unique identifier tests
test_voicemail_api.c [code]Skeleton Test
test_websocket_client.c [code]Websocket Client Unit Tests
test_xml_escape.c [code]Test ast_xml_escape
threadpool.c [code]
threadpool.h [code]
threadstorage.c [code]Debugging support for thread-local-storage objects
threadstorage.h [code]Definitions to aid in the use of thread local storage
time.h [code]Time-related functions and macros
timing.c [code]Timing source management
timing.h [code]Timing source management
tokenizer.c [code]
tokenizer.h [code]
transcap.h [code]General Asterisk channel transcoding definitions [code]
translate.c [code]Translate via the use of pseudo channels
translate.h [code]Support for translation of data formats. translate.c
tty.c [code]
tty.h [code]
tzfile.h [code]
udptl.c [code]UDPTL support for T.38 faxing
udptl.h [code]UDPTL support for T.38
ulaw.c [code]U-Law to Signed linear conversion
ulaw.h [code]U-Law to Signed linear conversion
unaligned.h [code]Handle unaligned data access
unproto.h [code]
unvis.c [code]
uri.c [code]
uri.h [code]
channels/sip/utils.c [code]Utility functions for chan_sip
main/utils.c [code]Utility functions
utils.h [code]Utility functions
uuid.c [code]Universally unique identifier support
uuid.h [code]Universally unique identifier support
vcodecs.c [code]
vector.h [code]Vector container support
version.h [code]
vgrabbers.c [code]
vi.c [code]
vis.c [code]
vis.h [code] [code]
voicin.c [code]
vparms.c [code]
xml.c [code]XML abstraction layer
xml.h [code]Asterisk XML abstraction layer
xmldoc.c [code]XML Documentation API
xmldoc.h [code]Asterisk XML Documentation API
xmpp.h [code]XMPP Interface
zones2indications.c [code]Print libtonozone data as Asterisk indications.conf

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